Synonyms for Struggle:


mare, headache, strife, the elephant in the room, chore, a tall order, task, burden, the impossible, necessity. pain, striving, strain, chase, trouble, trial run, elbow grease, work, while. race, strive, rivalry, Corrivalry, try, press for, tug-of-war, push for, go after, try for, competition. fighting, belligerency, fist fight, running battle. hold on, take on, jostle, tilt, duel, challenge. go, move, head, carry on, progress, pass, flow, forge ahead, walk-on. act (noun)
battle (noun)
combat, strife.
competition (noun)
rivalry, contention, tug-of-war.
contention (noun)
dissension, dissidence, quarrel, antipathy, argument, dispute, confrontation, controversy, friction, protest, antagonism, tension, encounter, resistance, contention, opposition, contrariety.
difficulty (noun)
disagreement (noun)
drudgery (noun)
effort (noun)
strain, travail.
hard try; fight to win (noun)
contest, wrangle, strife, battle, scramble, encounter, hassle, work, tussle, clash, conflict, striving, combat.
resistance (noun)
struggle (noun)
conflict, scramble, fight, battle, shinny, shin, clamber, sputter, skin.
warfare (noun)
contest, warpath, jihad, engagement, campaign, offensive, crusade, aggression, fight, scramble, warfare, combat, war, hostility, conflict, scuffle, battle, guerre, bloodshed, drive, tussle.


battle (verb)
contend (verb)
stand, argue, withstand, oppose, wrestle, dissent, face, brawl, defend, resist, bicker, contend, clash, confront, vie, antagonize, contrast, hassle, wrangle.
fight, wrestle (verb)
contend, brawl, scuffle.
labor, work (verb)
strive, strain, take on, try.
social (verb)

Other synonyms:

headache, Corrivalry, necessity, competition, tug-of-war, try for, mare, trial run, elbow grease, chore, task, striving, press for, belligerency, fist fight. tilt, work, strife, fighting, go after, running battle, duel, push for. burden, try. race, chase, while. go, pain. competition
push for.
Other relevant words:
go, challenge, take on, travail, jostle, tug-of-war, chore, chase, pain, shin, strain, necessity, Corrivalry, strive, trouble, competition, burden, skin, duel, try, striving, clamber, strife, race, fighting, shinny, rivalry, task, work, belligerency, while, elbow grease, sputter, tilt.

Usage examples for struggle

  1. There was a struggle going on. – The Captain of the Kansas by Louis Tracy