Synonyms for Utter:


absolute (adjective)
perfect, positive, indubitable, unmitigated, complete, consummate, supreme, unqualified, conclusive, certain, categorical, absolute, unconditional, definite, undeniable, unequivocal, sure, unrestricted.
all-encompassing (adjective)
outright, absolute (adjective)
stark, complete, pure, thorough, perfect, thoroughgoing, unmitigated, arrant, total, unqualified, consummate.
perfect (adjective)


outright, resounding, unadulterated, in depth, good, sound. words, put (something) into words, vocalize, express yourself. go, communicate, vent, tap out, pitch. utter (noun)
let loose, perfect, verbalise, give tongue to, consummate, stark, sodding, everlasting, dead, double-dyed, absolute, unmitigated, express, emit, staring, mouth, talk, gross, arrant, complete, verbalize, pure, speak, let out, thoroughgoing.


say, reveal (verb)
mutter, voice, express, speak, whisper, mouth, verbalize, talk, exclaim, vocalize, articulate, enunciate, pronounce, go.
voice (verb)
intone, voice, enunciate, murmur, whisper, groan, pronounce, mutter, emit, speak, articulate, cry, moan, exclaim.

Other synonyms:

vocalize, communicate, in depth. outright. vent, good, tap out. sound. pitch. go. reveal
let out.
shout out
Other relevant words:
outright, gross, give tongue to, verbalize, stark, sound, mouth, let loose, absolute, communicate, let out, vocalize, express, everlasting, sodding, vent, talk, dead, go, thoroughgoing, thorough, arrant, unadulterated, total, double-dyed, verbalise, staring, pure.

Usage examples for utter

  1. " In utter darkness," murmured Paul. – The Orchard of Tears by Sax Rohmer
  2. I once was young, so you will therefore grant I should know something of what youths still want When they to such sweet girls quite bashful come, And utter words as if their stock was scant. – The Emigrant Mechanic and Other Tales In Verse Together With Numerous Songs Upon Canadian Subjects by Thomas Cowherd