Synonyms for Closure:


expiry, withdrawal, passing. shut down, end of the line, go under, finish, liquidate, go out of business, wrap up, fail, continue, terminus, stopping point, cease, wind up, crash, fold, consummation. fasten, close off, bar, shut, jam something open/shut, lock out, block off, close up. act (noun)
cessation (noun)
interruption, cessation, standstill, discontinuance, stay, stoppage, ending, hiatus, end, termination, abandonment, halt, pause.
closing (noun)
closure (noun)
cork, block, blockage, stopper, stop, gag rule, closedown, shutdown, obstruction, occlusion, plug, stoppage, closing, cloture, choke.
conclusion (noun)
closing, end, cessation, ending, termination, stop, stoppage, finish, cease.
end (noun)
closing, terminus, expiry.
fastener (noun)
ligament, skewer, suture, clamp, bracket, link, stitch, cement, braid, mucilage, seal, string, catch, fastening, splice, pin, snap, hook, cinch, brace, cleat, cincture, zipper, grapnel, binding, guy, lace, rivet, strap, knitting, connector, mediator, lock, fastener, bond, band, clinch, vise, bolt, tie, twine, nail, brad, hasp, belt, weld, tack, paste, staple, hitch, agent, bonding, thread, glue, coupling, medium, knot, buckle, hawser, middleman, latch, binder, button, chain, spike, cotter, go-between, fuse, hinge, Vinculum, rabbet, clasp, clip, anchor.
plug, seal (noun)
occlusion, cork, bolt, fastener, latch, stopper, obstruction.
shutdown (noun)
stopping point (noun)
stopping point.


change (verb)

Other synonyms:

passing, stopping point, withdrawal, end of the line, expiry, go under. shut, shut down, terminus, wind up, close up, consummation. fold, wrap up, liquidate. cease. Other relevant words:
cloture, closedown, end of the line, shutdown, closing, shut down, shut, occlusion, bar, wrap up, block, stopping point, blockage, liquidate, stop, withdrawal, finish, terminus, gag rule, passing, cease, consummation.