Synonyms for Cover:


canvas, roof, cellar, coverlet, BYO, lid, thatch, brown-bag, jacket, sheet, wrapper, hood, case, all-you-can-eat, cap, bill of fare, tarpaulin, spread, booth, tent, bus, envelope, seal, bedspread, bill, folder, ceiling. incorporate, shingle, include, slate, count in, polish, varnish, veneer, paint, take in, build in, add-on, involve. agency, agent, affiliate, anchor, big business, take shelter, base, the biz, acquisition, go indoors, blue-chip. plate, membrane, layer, hush. blurb, artwork, book, body, clad, afterword, sheathe, appendix, skin, face, surface, acknowledgments, side, addendum. adjuster, assurance, actuary, benefit, carrier, put on, broker, contributory, actuarial, collision damage waiver, comprehensive. make, scrape by, DO, live from hand to mouth, scratch a living, subsist, eke out, move, afford. aria, ballad, carol, Christmas Carol, alma mater, chanty, calypso, words, chorale, anthem. recover, smother, insulate. half-truth, invention, misinformation, disinformation, fabrication, untruth, lie, a tissue of lies, white lie, falsehood. calling, consultancy, day job, dead-end job, desk job, Child Labor, busywork, chore, baby. stand up for, keep (a) watch, watch over. contribute, edit, embed, citizen journalism, backstory, editorship, checkbook journalism, circulation. submerge, tuck away, lie low. block, blank, dive, chop down, come-on, bobble, come off. boxed, blister pack, Bottled, carton, matchbox, bubble wrap, matchbook. hideaway, hiding place, cache. commute, cruise, hitch, shuttle, hitchhike, go down, ride, come up. harmonize, serenade, vocalize, burst/break into song, chant, sing along, sing, carry a tune, sing out, croon. discharge, fight, load, fire off, open up, fire, let off, aim. exchange, fusillade, friendly fire, fire fight, crossfire, drive-by. artifact (noun)
top, screen, covert, concealment.
bedclothes (noun)
bedclothes, afghan, bedlinen, bolster, counterpane, bedding, comforter.
bedding (noun)
bedclothes, sheet.
bedspread (noun)
case (noun)
folder, sheath.
concealment (noun)
camouflage, trick.
covering (noun)
tarpaulin, wrapper, paint.
darkness (noun)
defense (noun)
rebuttal, aversion, armor, argument, defense, protection, harbor, moat, countermeasure, fortress, resistance, security, stronghold, response, wall, barrier.
dimness (noun)
hiding place (noun)
covert, haven, concealment, protection, shelter, harbor, refuge, retreat, guard, security, asylum, sanctuary, defense.
plug (noun)
plug, spile, stopper, tap, valve, stop, cork, spigot, bung.
pretension (noun)
gimmick, fraud, pretension, imposture, pretense, air, ostentation, forgery, deceit, front, guise, impersonation, falseness, charade, fakery, imitation, mannerism, facade, affectation, artificiality, device.
receptacle (noun)
refuge (noun)
dugout, asylum, sanctuary, haven, refuge, foxhole, hideout.
resistance (noun)
screen (noun)
hideout, screen, blind.
shade (noun)
sunshade, canopy, blind, awning, panoply, shutter, shade, shadow, lamp shade, parasol, umbrella, venetian blind, visor, veil, blinders, curtain.
shelter (noun)
top (noun)
wrapping, cover-up (noun)
cloak, tarpaulin, spread, tent, veneer, seal, guise, covering, camouflage, jacket, masquerade, veil, facade, umbrella, top, pretense, overlay, cap, coverlet, disguise, canvas, paint, hood, binding, sheath, front, parasol, case, envelope, ceiling, polish, mask, canopy, lid, screen, roof, awning, stopper, wrapper, varnish, sheet.


cover (verb)
coat, encase, envelop, sheath, blanket, mask, enshroud, wrap, overlay, cloak.
defend (verb)
buffer, fend, answer, uphold, police, reply, barricade, backfire, shelter, retort, counter, secure, respond, save, support, screen, argue, shield, safeguard, oppose, return, defend, resist, bar, counterattack, sustain, protect, rebut, avert, guard, ward.
describe in published writing (verb)
enclose (verb)
corral, contain, encircle, embrace, enclose, trap, fence, confine, impound, encompass, imprison, surround, hold, cage.
fill in for, compensate (verb)
include, contain (verb)
embrace, encompass, incorporate, involve, comprehend.
plug (verb)
protect (verb)
preserve, maintain, insulate, conserve.
protect, guard (verb)
fend, safeguard, secure, watch over, defend.
stative (verb)
travel across area (verb)
pass over, track, traverse, DO, cross.

Other synonyms:

bubble wrap, hiding place, skin, citizen journalism, bedspread, boxed, subsist, friendly fire, tarpaulin, camouflage, anthem, fire fight, trick, submerge, dead-end job, roof, bobble, matchbook, ceiling, scrape by, drive-by, ballad, Bottled, day job, Child Labor, desk job, aria, hideaway, chorale, chanty, checkbook journalism, afford, veneer, clad, blister pack, plate, matchbox, busywork, membrane, calypso, hitchhike, editorship, include. chop down, recover, consultancy, canvas, commute, crossfire, cap, chore, alma mater, retreat, hood, smother, calling, fire off, backstory, fusillade, varnish. tuck away, hush, embed, carton. shuttle, hitch, circulation, cache. cruise, side, spread, let off, case. put on, ride, come off, baby. dive, open up, come-on. load, fire, exchange, edit. blank. discharge. block. face. fight, go down. come up. make. DO. cap
tuck away, cover up, lie low.
watch over.
build in.
defend, safeguard.
stop up
spread over.
cut across.
Other relevant words:
lid, covering, spread, brood, concealment, hideaway, pass over, coverlet, retreat, face, cover up, blind, lie, track, traverse, DO, covert, extend, top.

Usage examples for cover

  1. Their flowers cover everything when they fall, but I always loved them." – Virginia by Ellen Glasgow
  2. There was surely something alive inside, and the princess was full of curiosity as she leaned down and lifted the cover to look in. – The Babe in the Bulrushes by Amy Steedman