Synonyms for Lead:


controlled (adjective)
directed, governed, dominated, Superintended, Bridled, effected, ordered, harnessed, supervised, Managed, Piloted, controlled, ruled, disciplined, Steered, Presided, administrated.
directed (adjective)
governed, Managed, Bossed, supervised, mastered, conducted, Administered, ruled, Commanded, Superintended, directed.


foremost, best, first, walk, haul off, come, deliver. flourish, win out, thrive, prosper, galena, achieve, succeed, get ahead, blue lead, be a roaring success, be/get there. conjurer, acrobat, comic, route, comedian, shepherd, artiste, cast, clown, comedienne, artist, usher, escort, act, show. leading lady, captain, character actor, body double, ham, actor, actress, COSTAR, double, heart-throb. link, be, cable, pursue, jack, adapter, alligator clip, outlet, hookup, crocodile clip. CSR, chairmanship, usher in, crisis management, administration (of an estate), administrative, adventurism, ADMIN, words, critical-path method. open, embark, get cracking, begin, enter, kick off, look after, launch, commence, get off, set-to, get the show on the road, set about, undertake, watch over, initiate, inaugurate, institute, approach, set out. classified ad, artwork, cartoon, advice column, cheesecake, announcement, article, byline, centerfold, banner headline. APB, clean up, beat, clampdown, Amber alert, agent provocateur, checkpoint, all-points bulletin. dead heat, clock, the blocks, false start, baton, ahead, drop back, dash, come in. extra, bit part, cameo, goodie, credit, alias, bad guy, good guy, chorus, baddy. bauxite, Cast iron, bronze, aluminium, chrome, brass. prototype, example, the personification of something, template, case, archetype, stereotype, model, instance. doorplate, doorbell, doorjamb, doorstep, doorknocker, arch, door, doorpost, doorknob, doorstop. divide, diverge, bend, connect, branch off, ascend, bifurcate, end. graphite, cartridge, marker, inkstand, biro, ballpoint, highlighter, fountain pen, felt tip. see, shuffle, bid, call, raise. choke chain, flea collar, coat, dog collar, muzzle. actor (noun)
extra, ham, artist, clown, comedian.
cord (noun)
gut, rope, sinew, lace, towline, guy, tendon, shoestring, umbilical cord, rein, hamstring, catgut, cord, lasso, shoelace, twine, string, binding twine, lariat.
element (noun)
potassium, arsenic, holmium, curium, iron, beryllium, cerium, uranium, hydrogen, tungsten, bromine, einsteinium, gallium, gadolinium, krypton, nitrogen, berkelium, samarium, mercury, antimony, barium, hafnium, astatine, cesium, zirconium, magnesium, radon, indium, technetium, helium, lanthanum, cadmium, aluminum, silicon, iodine, rhenium, dysprosium, lutetium, polonium, argon, niobium, nobelium, thulium, cobalt, plutonium, carbon, thorium, neodymium, rubidium, iridium, selenium, copper, strontium, osmium, chromium, germanium, actinium, rhodium, promethium, palladium, vanadium, zinc, nickel, praseodymium, phosphorus, molybdenum, ruthenium, bismuth, chlorine, radium, manganese, europium, oxygen, yttrium, calcium, protactinium, gold, californium, titanium, tantalum, fermium, ytterbium, silver, tellurium, thallium, sodium, element, xenon, neon, erbium, boron, mendelevium, scandium, sulfur, francium, americium, terbium, platinum, lithium, neptunium, tin, fluorine.
fastening (noun)
introduction (noun)
metal (noun)
platinum, lithium, uranium, beryllium, phosphorus, gallium, cobalt, gold, copper, sodium, cadmium, zirconium, nickel, titanium, metal, magnesium, mercury, radium, chromium, potassium, silver, tin, strontium, tungsten, osmium, zinc, aluminum, barium.


control (verb)
command, harness, oversee, discipline, rule, control, preside, order, superintend, govern, direct, administer, bridle, execute, manage, steer, pilot, supervise, dominate.
direct (verb)
lord, boss, conduct, master.
influence (verb)
authorize, predominate, power, influence, bias, affect, motivate, empower, prejudice, pressure, sway.
lead (verb)
steer, contribute, motivate, trail-blaze, see, govern, manage, conduct, persuade, introduce, direct, conduce, watch over, command, show, precede, supervise, usher, shepherd, affect, escort, route, spur.
lead (a life) (verb)
master (verb)
precede (verb)
antedate, precede, pioneer, head off, anticipate, antecede, introduce, foreshadow, predate, Forerun, trail-blaze.
preceded (verb)
Antedated, foreshadowed, anteceded, Pioneered, Foreran, anticipated, Preceded, Introduced, headed off, predated, trail-blazed.

Other synonyms:

walk, haul off, cable, inkstand, go without, leading lady, ham, marker, alligator clip, actress, fountain pen, character actor, actor, crocodile clip, highlighter, COSTAR, outlet, biro, choke chain, heart-throb, adapter, hookup, watch over, flea collar, graphite, live by, body double, ballpoint, felt tip. come, shepherd, link, cartridge, look after, drop out. see, jack, deliver, escort, usher, captain, dog collar, shuffle. coat. muzzle, double. bid. room, pursue. show. raise. call. accompany
show, look after.
introduce, set about, initiate.
predate, foreshadowed, Forerun, antecede, anteceded, Foreran.
Other relevant words:
pb, bend, pass, principal, leading, run, escort, go, guide, leading lady, captain, usher, persuade, brass, shepherd.

Usage examples for lead

  1. You take the lead – The Story of Jessie by Mabel Quiller-Couch
  2. Did you see him lead the horses out? – The Mistress of Bonaventure by Harold Bindloss
  3. Come, hang fear, I'll lead the way. – Lives Of The Most Remarkable Criminals Who have been Condemned and Executed for Murder, the Highway, Housebreaking, Street Robberies, Coining or other offences by Arthur L. Hayward