Synonyms for Drive:


outing, expedition, base hardware, spin, turn, ADC, back end, excursion, A drive, accelerator card, accelerated graphics port, bridgeware, AGP, auxiliary device. escort, HIT, deliver, haul off, shepherd, home run. avenue, approach, transfer, advance, budge, road, manhandle, roll. feelings, mood, initiative, undercurrent, sensation, frame of mind, emotion, ambition, your inner self, heart, temper. antagonize, herd, infuriate, madden, irritate, anger, bother, annoy, frustrate, drive someone mad. forge, damage, harm, plunge, neutralize, cost, spoil, cancel out, loose on, offset, lunge, taint, overshadow. grip, stir, decide, lead to, pilot, influence, give, color, tool, wheel, pack a punch, skew. perseverance, determination, will, actuate, mobilize, aspiration, resolve. hook, smash, task, work, tax, cross, kick, dribble, play, strike at. dedication, fag, pursuit, challenge, heavy lifting, undertaking, care, strain, strive. sink, byway, beltway, blacktop, put in, byroad, B-road. implant, drill, impress, cul de sac, instill, crescent, Dr., close, backstreet, teach, inculcate, BLVD, Ave. bypass, bus, car pool, stalk, chase, box in, block in, back up, change down, hunt, carve up, buckle up, seek. corner, blast, dive, backhand, chip, ball, delivery. displace, exile, expel, send away, hound, banish, drive out, deport, evict, starve out. overload, keep someone busy, besiege, overwork, swamp, stretch. crate, corral, cow town, brand, crook, dip, dairy, cattle prod. jar, shoulder, thrust aside. exploration, crossing, day trip, circuit, cruise, commute, flight. foul, horsepower, rich, flooded, liter, Two-cycle, engine, throttle, turbine. act (noun)
driving force, thrust.
avenue (noun)
campaign for cause (noun)
advance, push, action, crusade, initiative, effort.
cause (noun)
determinant, factor, evocation, mainspring, stimulus, motivator, root, execution, compunction, effectuation, action, motive, elicitation, compulsion, origination, basis, enforcement, provocation, inspiration, source, grounds, generation.
drive at (noun)
energy, push, initiative, fight, pressure, campaign, impulse, spin, urge, driveway, spirit, action, journey, resolve, ride, avenue, battle, will, crusade, excursion, motivation, power, trip, outing, zip, road, jaunt, thrust, determination, verve, effort, propulsion, ambition, struggle, vim, turn.
energy (noun)
puissance, potency, strength, vivacity, vigor, might, stamina, effervescence, spunk, verve, zeal, energy, fervor, spirit, zing, zip, pep, snap, activity, vim.
expedition (noun)
journey by vehicle (noun)
expedition, ride, ramble, trip, spin, jaunt, excursion, commute, turn, outing, tour.
life (noun)
mental state (noun)
motive (noun)
fermentation, induction, enticement, propulsion, goading, fomentation, facilitation, catalyst, magnetism, prompting, stimulation, impulsion.
offensive (noun)
perseverance (noun)
person's will to achieve (noun)
impulse, pressure, energy, vigor, motive, motivation, impetus, ambition, punch, spunk, zip, pep.
prime mover (noun)
propulsion (noun)
pushing, Shoving, Throwing.
warfare (noun)
fight, contest, jihad, battle, campaign, war, bloodshed, scuffle, tussle, conflict, guerre, engagement, warfare, hostility, combat, offensive, scramble, crusade, warpath, struggle, aggression.


battle (verb)
compel (verb)
foment, dragoon, mandate, pressure, oblige, daunt, intimidate, bulldoze, incite, nag, stimulate, bully, coerce, hijack, stress, urge, dictate, galvanize, browbeat, press.
energize (verb)
empower, power, invigorate, rouse, recharge, energize, charge, activate, spark, fire, revive.
hit with heavy blow (verb)
plunge, ram, sink, knock, shoot, thrust, butt, strike, throw.
propel (verb)
compel, flick, bowl, shunt, throw, pitch, chuck, cant, butt, pelt, prod, catapult, goad, launch, fling, precipitate, cast, bunt, propel, heave, toss, thrust, project, push, hurl, impel, sling, lob, shove, ram.

Other synonyms:

perseverance, road, Two-cycle, day trip, BLVD, cul de sac, escort, crescent, turbine, backstreet, ambition, initiative, shepherd, haul off, crossing, Ave, horsepower. exploration, excursion, flooded, mobilize, inculcate, determination, pilot, avenue, Dr., instill, implant, strive, liter. expedition, will, chase, aspiration, hunt, swamp, engine, lunge, plunge, commute, stalk, overwork, besiege, resolve, deliver, herd. circuit, overload, throttle. tool, drill, task, spin, impress. cruise, strain, stretch. flight, rich. foul. work. sink. close. begin
give rise to.
poke at
drive out.
send off
Other relevant words:
fag, ride, driveway, spin, herd, get, expedition, actuate, shepherd, sink, work, pilot.

Usage examples for drive

  1. So they kept on down the drive – Together by Robert Herrick (1868-1938)
  2. We'll drive on to the house at once. – The Children of Wilton Chase by Mrs. L. T. Meade
  3. I am ready for the drive – The Nameless Castle by Maurus Jókai