Synonyms for Crate:


center, bury, entomb, bed, cram, embed. catch-all, envelope, mold. cuspidor, begging bowl, cylinder, brazier. dairy, dip, cow town, crook, corral, brand, cattle prod. carton (noun)
package, cage.
case (noun)
carton, canister, scabbard, file, socket, capsule, rack, hutch, crib, folio, cedar chest, quiver, holster, sheath, portfolio, casket, coffer.
container (noun)
drum, purse, can, barrel, ladle, cabinet, vault, decanter, jar, repository, bag, stomach, jug, chest, locker, holder, box, suitcase, tank, bucket, flask, trunk, storage, reservoir, basket, sack, belly, drawer, vat, wallet, tray, pocket, shelf, bowl, bladder, cask, pouch, closet, bin, case, receptacle, cupboard, cup, bottle, container.
crate (noun)
wooden container (noun)
carton, cage, package, box, case, chest.

Other synonyms:

cuspidor, cram, cow town, brazier, package, cattle prod. begging bowl, entomb, envelope. catch-all, corral, mold. embed, brand, center. dairy, bury, crook. bed. dip. co-op
Other relevant words:
crateful, dairy, mold, brand, package, corral, bed, bury, dip, brazier, cylinder, envelope, embed, crook, catch-all, entomb, cage, cram, cuspidor, center.

Usage examples for crate

  1. A quart of small, decayed, green, or muddy berries scattered through a crate of fine fruit may reduce its price one half. – Success With Small Fruits by E. P. Roe
  2. One is the development of poultry fattening and crate feeding in this country. – The Dollar Hen by Milo M. Hastings