Synonyms for Substance:


angel dust, acid, controlled substance, Class A drug, cannabis, coke, Charlie, cocaine, anabolic steroid. concentrate, materiality, wax, solid, powder, medium, agent. objectivity, be, Gravamen, root, fact, verity, the honest truth, soul, actuality, veracity, conventional/received/traditional wisdom, truth, the gospel truth. drift, tenor, purport. intent, thrust, aim, tendency. entity (noun)
entity, element (noun)
core, being, actuality, staple, body, object, thing, stuff, animal, item, matter, texture, person, something, material.
essence (noun)
essence, meaning (noun)
gist, drift, nub, basis, soul, focus, quintessence, kernel, Gravamen, nitty-gritty, purport, meat, pith, heart, point, center, essentiality, marrow, tenor, thrust.
heaviness (noun)
importance (noun)
gravity, eminence, stress, weight, importance, priority, status, predominance, emphasis.
in essence (noun)
actually, substantially, essentially.
material (noun)
element, raw materials, stock, ore, staple.
materiality (noun)
object (noun)
being, person, animal, item.
relevance (noun)
substance (noun)
gist, meat, center, heart, something, material, thing, message, article, essence, heart and soul, nub, body, marrow, kernel, matter, content, stuff, core, nitty-gritty, meaning, subject matter, pith, inwardness, unit, sum, means, object.
wealth (noun)

Other synonyms:

importance, concentrate, verity, Gravamen, point of order, essentiality, side issue, powder. objectivity, contention, truth, wax, quintessence, soul, tenor, sidelight, materiality. fact, texture, tendency. intent, root, purport, item, medium. solid, thrust. agent. drift, focus. being. nature. point. essence
subject matter.
Other relevant words:
drift, Gravamen, heart, kernel, objectivity, actuality, materiality, status, nitty-gritty, root, emphasis, intent, message, center, pith, heart and soul, importance, substantially, be, quintessence, tendency, truth, nub, cocaine, tenor, being, verity, fact, texture, thrust, item, marrow, priority, veracity, means, powder, eminence, purport, meat, soul, core, person, meaning, aim, point, cannabis, coke, essence, sidelight, weight, essentiality, stress, predominance, sum, animal, basis, agent, content, nature, focus, actually, gravity, solid, concentrate, wax, contention, acid, essentially, gist, Charlie, medium, inwardness.

Usage examples for substance

  1. For that has been the substance of his talk with me this morning!" – Probable Sons by Amy LeFeuvre
  2. Such had been his object in writing to me; and such was the substance of his letter. – The Legacy of Cain by Wilkie Collins
  3. Here follows the substance of what was seen, heard, or otherwise picked up, by the gentleman for Nowhere, in his careful study of the Junction. – Mugby Junction by Charles Dickens