Synonyms for Poky:


slow (adjective)
dragging, creeping, phlegmatic, sluggish, dawdling, lingering, plodding, Trudging, slow, Loitering, lethargic, leisurely, crawling, slowpoke, Delaying.


poky (noun)
jerkwater, slow, dilatory, pokey, dawdling, provincial, laggard, one-horse.

Other synonyms:

slow-footed, slow-paced, slow-going. tardy. Other relevant words:
laggard, pokey, provincial, tardy, dilatory, slow-footed, one-horse, jerkwater, slow-going, slow-paced, slow as molasses in January.

Usage examples for poky

  1. " And they will, too," declared Jess, with a nod of her dark head, " that poky old Harding and his crowd won't have a word to say when they are over." – The Girl Aviators' Sky Cruise by Margaret Burnham