Synonyms for Dismiss:


pink slip, deceive yourself, shoot down, close your mind to something, not hear of it, put your foot down, boot. pension off, send, give someone notice, ease out, pay off. chuck, bump. give up, skip, give over. dismiss (noun)
discount, throw out, ignore, give the axe, give notice, can, terminate, fire, brush off, usher out, force out, push aside, disregard, brush aside, send away, sack.


acquit (verb)
excuse, free, absolve, discharge, pardon, defray, liberate, exculpate, clear, vindicate, acquit, exonerate, forgive.
annul (verb)
disavow, obliterate, undo, withdraw, efface, divorce, revoke, eradicate, retract, negate, veto, nullify, abolish, neutralize, extinguish, destroy, repudiate, refute, eliminate, delete, Disaffirm, deny, dissolve, annul, abnegate, invalidate.
change (verb)
communication (verb)
throw out.
forgive (verb)
forbear, tolerate, relent, remit, forget, overlook, show mercy, condone.
liberate (verb)
disengage, emancipate, set free, let loose, deliver.
put out of one's mind (verb)
dispel, disregard, spurn, repulse, disdain.
refuse (verb)
decline, disdain, disincline, repulse, refuse, disagree.
remove from job, responsibility (verb)
lay off, disqualify, discharge, impeach, cashier, can, recall, ax, unseat, sack, terminate, bounce, fire, shut out, drop, bump, suspend.
rid (verb)
cancel, rid, dispel, dispose, forsake, leave, abandon, disown, desert, vent, drop, relinquish, waive, reject, forgo, release, shed, jettison, part with, renounce, disclaim, discard, abdicate, surrender, vacate, relegate, capitulate, let go.
send away, remove; free (verb)
clear, dispense with, reject, detach, supersede, brush off, disperse, divorce, dispose of, chase, discard, push aside, outlaw, dispatch, deport, repudiate, relegate, repel, abolish, dissolve, rid, relinquish, shed, force out, chuck, turn out, do without, boot, decline, let go, let out, bundle, release.
vindicate (verb)
apologize, avenge, mitigate.

Other synonyms:

ease out, pink slip. exclude, unseat, recall, dispossess, shut out, spurn, remove, set-aside, nix, repel, cashier. bounce, pay off, shoot down. chuck, skip, turn out. bump. lay off. brush aside
push aside.
dispense with.
let loose, let out, set free.
brush off.
lay off
pay off.
shoot down, jettison.
Other relevant words:
cashier, force out, pink slip, adjourn, pension off, dethrone, give over, disregard, bust, recall, get rid of, send away, bump, detach, brush aside, throw out, run out, give up, fire, send, disqualify, push aside, supersede, brush off, give the axe, outlaw, bounce, impeach, discount, give notice, dispossess, chase, shut out, dispatch, skip, deport, repel, spurn, can, remove, unseat, ignore, excommunicate, suspend, do without, ax, dispose of, bundle, blackball, disperse, terminate, nix, turn down, sack, recess, boot, usher out, let out, exclude, lay off, replace, dispense with, rout, chuck.

Usage examples for dismiss

  1. Dismiss the German woman who has already been too long in your employment. – Good Old Anna by Marie Belloc Lowndes
  2. They both expressed their anxiety for the time when they might dismiss the vehicle and mount on horseback. – Hurricane Hurry by W.H.G. Kingston
  3. You will dismiss it, madame? – Max by Katherine Cecil Thurston