Synonyms for Jug:


atomizer, ampoule, basin, aerosol, butt. glassful, carton, clink, hoosegow, house of correction, glass, Calaboose, big house, bath, free, slammer, cupful, level, stir, mug, pokey. creamer, carafe, coffeepot, eggcup, flatware, breadbasket, gravy boat, dish. bottle (noun)
carafe, glass, cruet.
container (noun)
crate, belly, bottle, cup, receptacle, bowl, locker, chest, container, jar, decanter, pocket, case, repository, closet, can, ladle, shelf, vault, dish, purse, tank, kettle, cask, reservoir, bin, vat, bag, tray, cabinet, carton, holder, flask, suitcase, storage, trunk, sack, cupboard, bladder, drawer, barrel, stomach, box, basket, wallet, bucket, pouch, drum.
crock (noun)
cruse, ewer, pitcher, canteen, stone jar, cruet, flagon.
decanter (noun)
drinking cup (noun)
flask (noun)
glass (noun)
mug, cup.
jar (noun)
jug (noun)
flask, gaol, carafe, lag, canteen, flagon, jar, decanter, ewer, bucket, incarcerate, amphora, remand, jugful, urn, pitcher, cruet, put away, jail, immure, imprison, vase, put behind bars, bottle.
pot (noun)
urn, amphora, vase, teakettle, caldron, flowerpot, boiler, cuspidor, demiJohn, teapot, kettle.
prison (noun)
irons, cooler, pinion, shackle, jail, pen, reform school, bastille, jailhouse, dungeon, cage, stockade, Alcatraz, gaol, harness, manacle, pillory, prison, confine, collar, stronghold, pound, vise, coop, oubliette, keep, penitentiary, reformatory, lockup, brig, cell, fence, bridle, straight jacket, tether, San Quentin, penal colony, handcuff.

Other synonyms:

pitcher, hoosegow, house of correction, slammer, Calaboose, glassful, big house, pokey. canteen, clink, carton. glass. mug. level. canteen
Other relevant words:
hoosegow, stir, imprison, big house, remand, basin, jugful, pokey, cruet, carafe, Calaboose, flagon, butt, lag, pitcher, glass, put behind bars, immure, canteen, ewer, incarcerate, cruse, clink, house of correction, put away, mug, slammer.

Usage examples for jug

  1. As he spoke he reached under the desk and took out the jug – A Man and His Money by Frederic Stewart Isham
  2. We must wait till the jug is dry, for we could not press it tight enough to make it stick. – Our Young Folks at Home and Abroad by Various
  3. Joe knelt to pick it up, and the jug was cool to his hand. – The Lost Wagon by James Arthur Kjelgaard