Synonyms for Vault:


Ossuary, achieve, succeed, flourish, monument, win out, catacomb, get ahead, pit, barrow, grave, thrive, mound, prosper, tomb, be/get there, crypt, sepulcher, be a roaring success. bump up, divest, catapult, place, aggrandizement, demote, advancement, elevate, mausoleum, downgrade, elevation, sepulture, exalt, cinerarium, keep. loft, choir loft, apse, cell, choir stalls, chancel, chapel, choir, holy of holies. cubbyhole, bonded warehouse, bunker, armoury, boathouse. dive, fly. running jump, flip, flying tackle. rooftop, roof, canopy, cupola, sunroof, eaves, mansard, parapet, roof garden. columbarium (noun)
container (noun)
bucket, bottle, vat, stomach, cup, crate, jug, reservoir, sack, can, cask, bag, pouch, purse, bladder, flask, basket, box, cabinet, bowl, tray, pocket, holder, shelf, wallet, ladle, case, jar, suitcase, belly, drum, container, decanter, trunk, tank, barrel, receptacle.
depository (noun)
safe, crypt, crib, can, cellar, repository, box, sepulcher, pit, tomb, grave, mausoleum, catacomb.
dome (noun)
financial institution (noun)
leap (noun)
skip, jump, leap, hurdle, spring, hop.
leaps (noun)
skip, jump, leap, hurdle, spring, hop.
store (noun)
store, lumberyard, cupboard, coffer, warehouse, hayloft, Corncrib, grocery, emporium, cellar, storeroom, arsenal, depository, bank, closet, buttery, accumulation, locker, hoard, crib, archive, mart, stockpile, market, library, larder, depot, safe, bin, cache, commissary, armory, storehouse, storage, granary, treasure, silo, supermarket, repository.
tomb (noun)
treasury (noun)
treasure house, piggy bank, bursary, cash box, chest, drawer, kitty, coin box, treasury, till, strongbox.
vault (noun)
overleap, burial vault, hurdle, bank vault.


jump over; span (verb)
overleap, hurdle, leap, hop, spring, bound.
leap (verb)
skip, leap, bound, capriole, spring, hop, hurdle, jump, pounce.
motion (verb)

Other synonyms:

flying tackle, Ossuary, cinerarium, sepulture, running jump, catacomb. tomb, grave, mausoleum, crypt. cell. dive, flip. fly. dome

Usage examples for vault

  1. I have house room for you and Tabby, and a safe vault for the chest of treasure. – From-Twice-Told-Tales by Hawthorne, Nathaniel
  2. When the probationer who had brought her the report had gone out, she lay in her long white night- gown, hands clasped under her head, and stared at the vault like ceiling of her little room. – K by Mary Roberts Rinehart
  3. The king was much pleased, for he knew the princess would be delighted, so he had the carriage and the music box taken into her vault and played on the music box a long time. – Philippine Folk-Tales by Clara Kern Bayliss, Berton L. Maxfield, W. H. Millington, Fletcher Gardner, Laura Watson Benedict