Synonyms for Go for:


fly at, ambush, set on, strike at, assail, mug, come at, assault. surround, be associated with, do with, bear on, link, pertain to, have something to do with something, be bound up/together, interrelate, correspond. worship, be taken with, live for, appreciate, warm to, have a lot of time for, take a liking to, not hear a word (said) against, reach, outreach. seem, tend, rate, bristle with, possess, spring, attack, grow in, wear. collapse, like, miss, crash, care for, fail, fizzle, founder, languish, flop, bomb, backfire. take/bring/hold someone to task, castigate, tear apart, tear someone/something to pieces/shreds, censure, savage, tell off, harangue. strive, try, strain, press for, go after, struggle, attempt, push for, work. be to do something, don't hesitate to do something, (do you) understand?, come-on, want, go for it, someone would be well advised to do something, I wish, shoot, go on. collect, pick up, get, call for. pick, select, opt, decide on, designate, randomize, choose, take your pick, vote. come/go under the hammer, come, sell, go/sell like hot cakes, fetch, retail, sell out, outsell. go for (noun)
take to, accept, hold, try for, apply, fancy, hope, consent.


attack (verb)
assault, assail.
cognition (verb)
like, choose (verb)
accept, care for, fancy.
reach (verb)
outreach, fetch.
stative (verb)
hold, apply.

Other synonyms:

set on, warm to, fly at. mug, ambush, like, live for, come at, outsell. fetch, strike at, sell out, assail. sell, call for. assault, appreciate. attack, collect, retail. pick up. come. get. attack
come at, assault.
go for it, push for.
take a liking to, take to.
care for.
Other relevant words:
come, ambush, like, appreciate, select, mug, opt, assault, outreach, set on, fetch, pertain to, call for, care for, attack, bear on, get, assail, go after, fly at, come at, try, choose.