Synonyms for Squash:


choke off, ache, suffer, pound, bother, stifle, trouble, win, put down, continue, extinguish, quash, torment. buttermilk, brew, chocolate, angostura, cider, cappuccino, Chai, americano, club soda, bitters. overcome, defeat, knock out, overpower, thrash. avoid, get in the way of something, avert, prevent, discourage, obstruct, stop, knock something on the head, prohibit. cramped, congested, crowded, bulging, dense, packed, jammed, teeming, full, busy. greens, out of season, root vegetable, baby. ball game, netball, hurling, jai alai, pelota, ball. box, bottle, bury, bag, center, embed, crate, entomb, cram, bed. sport (noun)
bowling, basketball, badminton, cricket, shinny, curling, rugby, fencing, lacrosse, shot put, hockey, table tennis, croquet, wrestling, Sharpshooting, discus, soccer, golf, polo, softball, ping-pong, water polo, pool, volleyball, snooker, tennis, skating, boxing, football, baseball, archery, handball.
squash (noun)
mash, squeeze, squash rackets, squash racquets, squelch, crush.
vegetable (noun)
carrot, Lima beans, Romain, collard greens, cucumber, leek, radish, cauliflower, sweet potato, artichoke, okra, mushroom, asparagus, onion, turnip, yam, spinach, cabbage, tomato, beet, parsley, lettuce, rice, shallot, celery, Beans, string beans, pumpkin, corn, zucchini, chard, endive, Water cress, broccoli, chive, maize, vegetable, eggplant, potato, Lentils, parsnip, green beans, pepper, rutabaga, Brussels Sprouts, Peas.


belittle (verb)
black out (verb)
compress (verb)
defeat (verb)
spoil, bury.
pulp (verb)
crush, pulp, mash, bruise.
squash (verb)
crush, squeeze, bruise, pound, extinguish, mash, quash, put down, pulp.

Other synonyms:

prohibit, root vegetable, quash, avert, discourage, prevent, obstruct. defeat, avoid. extinguish. stop. baby. quash

Usage examples for squash

  1. Mother, said Jennie, impressively, turning away from her squash to get a view of her mother's face, I ought to have a new dress for this party. – Divers Women by Pansy and Mrs. C.M. Livingston
  2. Why not build a squash court? – The Fruit of the Tree by Edith Wharton
  3. But whether from carelessness or other cause, Padre Damaso received a plate in which a bare neck and a tough wing of chicken floated about in a large quantity of soup amid lumps of squash while the others were eating legs and breasts, especially Ibarra, to whose lot fell the second joints. – The Social Cancer A Complete English Version of Noli Me Tangere by José Rizal