Synonyms for Plenty:


abundant (adjective)
numerous (adjective)
swarming, bounteous, ample, Thronging, abundant, numerous, multitudinous, countless, legion, many, crowded.
plentiful/plenty (adjective)
swarming, ample, bounteous, sufficient.


a lot/lots, a good/great deal of something, all manner of something, a load of/loads of something, quite a few, quantity. just enough, sufficient, profusion, go around, I'm all set. bountifulness, rich. abundance (noun)
all kinds of, fullness, bonanza, capacity, all one can use, excess, bounty, flood, limit, plethora, prosperousness, plenitude, ampleness, deluge, lots, lavishness, riches, all one can drink, profuseness, fruitfulness, good store, loads, a good bit, adequate stock, more than one knows what to do with, all one needs, too much of a good thing, oodles and gobs, copiousness, all one can eat, a great deal, enough and to spare, a bunch, torrent, full house, profusion, great plenty, Everything, fortune, avalanche, all one wants.
adequacy (noun)
affluence (noun)
a great deal (noun)
power, much, world, pack, big, barrel.
amount (noun)
flood (noun)
flood, spate.
numerousness (noun)
swarm, crowd, multitudinous, throng, ampleness, abundance, numerousness, bounteousness.
plenty (noun)
plenteousness, whole lot, plentifulness, good deal, mint, sufficiency, mickle, mass, lot, lots, copiousness, stack, peck, spate, avalanche, mess, whole slew, muckle, pile, plenitude, profusion, slew, heap, enough, deal, capacity, sight, great deal, hatful, affluence, batch, raft, quite a little, prosperity, fruitfulness, tidy sum, flock, full house, loads, plentitude, plethora, wealth, wad, quantity, opulence.
prosperity (noun)
sufficiency (noun)
satisfactoriness, adequacy, plentifulness, prosperity, sufficiency, bounty, plenteousness.
wealth (noun)
affluence, prosperousness, income, possessions, capital, riches, opulence, wealth, property, asset, landslide, profit, worth, estate, net worth, fortune.

Other synonyms:

excess, sufficient. go around, avalanche, bountifulness, flood. abundance
profusion, copiousness, fullness.
a great deal
world, much, barrel, pack, power.
lavishness, profuseness.

Usage examples for plenty

  1. There was plenty of work for Dr. Grenfell. – Grenfell: Knight-Errant of the North by Fullerton Waldo
  2. I had plenty of time to note these things. – Popular Adventure Tales by Mayne Reid
  3. No, she must take plenty of time to think all this over. – Chicken Little Jane by Lily Munsell Ritchie