Synonyms for Agency:


anchor, firm, the biz, business, company, big business, base, account, blue-chip, affiliate, acquisition. council, auspices, corp, administration (of an estate), directorate, the civil service, corporation, customs. mean, housing, eldercare, organ, caring profession, mechanism, block grant, community care, instrumentation, case work, Health Service, Meals on Wheels, health care. branch, division, wing, department, arm. agency (noun)
delegation, means, medium, empowerment, way, representation, delegacy, machinery, federal agency, conductor, lieutenancy, government agency, bureau, authority, office, instrumentality, deputation.
agent (noun)
attorney, auxiliary, agent, impresario, mediator, deputy, executor, vehicle, broker, emissary, appointee, liaison, middleman, ombudsman, proxy, second, factor, representative, instrument, lieutenant, intermediary, operative, delegate, go-between, alternate, substitute, actor, surrogate.
aid (noun)
assistance, service, help, benefit, Mothering, sustenance, facilitation, ministration, relief, endowment, aid, motivation, attendant, encouragement, support, avail.
delegation (noun)
commission, consignment, embassy, subcommittee, mission, committee, organization.
group (noun)
bureau, government agency, office, federal agency, authority.
instrument (noun)
intervention (noun)
expediency, intervention, implementation, mediation, tool, intermediate.
means (noun)
organization, often business-related (noun)
company, firm, office, department, bureau.
place of business (noun)
power, instrumentality (noun)
mediation, instrument, mechanism, organ, intervention, means, instrumentality, vehicle, auspices, medium.
support (noun)

Other synonyms:

company, community care, the biz, acquisition, big business, health care, blue-chip, Health Service, anchor, the civil service, administration (of an estate), eldercare, corporation, business, caring profession, council, instrumentation, case work, corp, block grant, affiliate, Meals on Wheels. department, housing, directorate, mechanism. base. firm. account, branch, organ. arm. division, wing. mean. Other relevant words:
bureau, government agency, representation, company, department, division, federal agency, authority, delegacy, instrumentation, organ, affiliate, way, arm, anchor, branch, mean, mechanism, corporation, office, auspices, directorate, wing, eldercare, firm, acquisition, business, council, corp.

Usage examples for agency

  1. He could scarcely believe that he had on a sudden, and by strange agency slipped into an earnest situation. – The Complete Project Gutenberg Works of George Meredith by George Meredith
  2. What invisible agency had given this hard fact its force? – Tropic Days by E. J. Banfield
  3. He now remained two years at Summerfield, when he returned again to the Agency of the University. – Thirty Years in the Itinerancy by Wesson Gage Miller