Synonyms for Train:


keep up, acquaint yourself with something, retrain, pick up, master, absorb. cross-fertilize, elevated, subway, passenger, electric, blind, cross-pollinate, bed out, bonsai, railroad, limited, aerate, feed, compost, underground. wake, boat train, deadhead, precede, bullet train, freight, cable railway, AMTRAK, express, EUROSTAR, funicular, freight train. retinue, suite, call off, kitty litter, kennel, litter, answer to, cat litter, heel, entourage, over, exercise, handler, following. run, buttonhole, care label, arm, streak, armhole, order, round, breast pocket, coattails, bodice, collar, bib. pattern, domino effect, process, avalanche, rash, proceedings, chain reaction. memorize, specialize, review, specialise, research, cram. ground, induct. crocodile, flow, cordon, phalanx. professional, personal trainer, spotter, coaching, cross-training, spot, pro. open up, fire, let off, discharge, cover, fire off, load, fight. entourage (noun)
group (noun)
line (noun)
sequence (noun)
legacy, concatenation, gamut, array, sequel, arrangement, procession, chain, consequence, rank, link, thread, linkage, queue, string, series, course, lineage, Consecution, subsequence, sequence, line, Consecutiveness, succession, progression.
series (noun)
order, procession, suite, progression, trail, chain, wake, run, retinue, entourage, caravan, sequel, sequence, string, succession, thread, course, Consecution, concatenation, following, line.
vehicle (noun)
car, vehicle, ambulance, boat, roadster, motorcycle, conveyance, ship, wagon, cart, barge, jeep, fire engine, cab, sled, tractor, ferry, automobile, buggy, auto, van, stagecoach, truck, coach, sedan, taxi, boxcar, station wagon, brougham, convertible, motorcar, jalopy, armored car, landau, coupe, bicycle, bus, gondola, limousine, taxicab, hearse, sledge.


aim at (verb)
cognition (verb)
educate, prepare.
manage animals (verb)
farm, domesticate, hostle, wrangle, break, housebreak, tame, groom, ranch, breed, herd.
prepare (verb)
tame, exercise, tutor, coach, teach, cultivate, instruct, school, enlighten, ground, educate, guide, drill.
teach (verb)
lecture, school, drill, indoctrinate, inculcate, instill, teach, tutor, imbue, edify, instruct, educate, guide, enlighten.

Other synonyms:

specialise, cross-training, coaching, master, personal trainer, research, domino effect, specialize, pick up, subway. cram, spotter, keep up, pattern, entourage, chain reaction. absorb, following, rash, avalanche, proceedings. induct. pro, process. streak. professional, review. order. spot. ground. entourage

Usage examples for train

  1. I'd been sick all day in the train – The Sky Pilot in No Man's Land by Ralph Connor
  2. Miss Train wanted to speak to you- that's why I happened along just now. – Comrade Yetta by Albert Edwards
  3. You are not going by the train then? – A Letter of Credit by Susan Warner