Synonyms for Partnership:


blue-chip, anchor, agent, agency, base, big business, account, affiliate, the biz, acquisition. relations, rapport, affiliation, conjunction, near, reconciliation, connection, tie, cooperation, link, combination, chemistry. contract out, buy out, amalgamation, combine, Demerge, BROS, amalgamate, demerger, consolidate. affiliation (noun)
league, alliance, amalgamation, bunch, incorporation, coalition.
alliance (noun)
relation, faction, community, crew, chumminess, friendship, concord, help, connection, marriage, tie, joining, brotherhood, cartel, fraternity, coterie, gang, clique, federation, organization, companionship, club, combination, cooperation, ring, assistance, lodge, concurrence, fellowship, participation, collaboration, collusion, party, membership, conjunction.
association (noun)
business (noun)
transaction, retailing, commerce, position, profession, livelihood, barter, enterprise, selling, interest, job, management, assignment, venture, station, merchant, firm, specialty, market, industry, posting, holding, commission, corporation, consortium, affair, practice, service, exchange, company, employment, activity, labor, busy work, occupation, proprietorship, calling, vocation, concern, negotiation, career, establishment, situation, trade, business.
business concern (noun)
co-operation (noun)
union, coalition, collaboration, association, co-operation, concord, overlap, teamwork, concurrence, collusion, reciprocation, alliance, participation.
collaboration (noun)
collection (noun)
society, assortment, assembly, bloc, federation, bunch, corps, set, collection, body, omnium-gatherum, band, assemblage, salad, complement, league, mix, group, college, medley, council, stew, formation.
combination (noun)
set, consortium, bloc, conjunction.
company (noun)
inclusion (noun)
wedding, relation, marriage, inclusion, envelopment, involvement, embodiment, enmeshment, incorporation, composition, membership, encompassment, integration, entanglement.
ownership (noun)
participation (noun)
partnership (noun)
assistance, sharing, conjunction, lodge, organization, affiliation, band, association, corporation, gang, faction, society, chumminess, ring, connection, combination, coterie, community, crew, companionship, firm, interest, friendship, cartel, combine, union, club, fraternity, joining, company, business, cooperation, brotherhood, body, party, clique, help.

Other synonyms:

faction, reconciliation, tie, cooperation, rapport. affiliation. link, chemistry. combination. Other relevant words:
tie, chemistry, agent, companionship, cartel, help, clique, acquisition, gang, reconciliation, agency, Demerge, combine, coterie, friendship, base, community, fellowship, ring, crew, conjunction, amalgamate, connection, club, relations, affiliate, combination, account, assistance, fraternity, party, link, demerger, faction, amalgamation, lodge, near, chumminess, BROS, consolidate, affiliation, rapport, cooperation, organization, brotherhood, anchor, joining.

Usage examples for partnership

  1. But he was engaged to Ethel Craven at the time, was going to be taken into partnership on their marriage, and you can put two and two together for yourself." – The Thousandth Woman by Ernest W. Hornung
  2. How was it possible to draw up a deed of partnership unless they knew David's secret? – Eve and David by Honore de Balzac