Synonyms for Value:


crotchet, DO, beat, chord, bass, C, D, double flat, B. preference, make much of something, put someone/something before/over/above, advantage, usefulness, desirability, benefit, acknowledge, utility, use, set/put/lay (great) store by/on something. fee, content, bearing, drift, sense, implication, import, interpretation, force, offer, significance, connotation, substance, purpose, bill, meaning, denotation. factor, feature, peculiarity, aspect, nature, component, facet, property. stature, arithmetic progression, constant, Arabic Numeral, virtue, cube, merit, cube root, coefficient, quality, base, common multiple, good, caliber, common factor. intent, message, bargain, Significancy, Capping, cheapen, climb, acceptation, signification, bounce back, purport, cap, bottom out, beat down. frame of reference, ism, theory, dogma, doctrine, the spirit of the times/age, philosophy, ground, culture, ideology. practicality, efficacy, synergy, user-friendliness, usability, efficiency. advantage, worth (noun)
finish, regard, excellence, mark, desirability, connotation, meaning, content, interpretation, importance, force, power, substance, quality, import, account, purpose, esteem, merit, implication, distinction, benefit, eminence, stature, sense, consequence, caliber, use, state, significance, bearing, usefulness, utility, denotation, drift, goodness, condition, valuation, preference, superiority, estimation.
calculation (noun)
reckoning, consideration, computation, approximation, enumeration, estimation, statistics, system, multiplication, algebra, inference, calculus, supposition, judgement, evaluation, mathematics, division, calculation, algorithm, measurement, method, assessment, presumption, thought, triangulation, determination, deduction, quantification, arithmetic, valuation, appraisal, conclusion.
character (noun)
financial worth (noun)
charge, expense, profit, assessment, appraisal, rate, price, cost, amount, equivalent.
importance (noun)
consequence, stature, importance, mark.
meaning (noun)
Significancy, signification.
monetary value (noun)
profit, equivalent.
price (noun)
expense, damage, amount, duty, tax, outlay, premium, price, levy, tab, toll, cost, worth, tariff, charge, quotation, dearness.
quality (noun)
excellence, desirability, condition, distinction, state, advantage, goodness, consequence, regard, mark, importance, eminence, perfection, caliber, finish, power, merit, superiority, significance.
sense (noun)
utility (noun)
value (noun)
note value, rate, time value, esteem, economic value, treasure, respect, prise, appreciate, prize.


calculate (verb)
gauge, divide, figure, study, weigh, systematize, quantize, plan, rank, rate, score, plot, judge, suppose, estimate, total, reckon, sum, scheme, multiply, quantify, calculate, rationalize, assess, count, compute, triangulate, conclude, measure, account, program, think, tally, guess, appraise, add, determine, approximate, schedule, enumerate, deduce, infer, evaluate, surmise, presume, consider.
price (verb)
price, charge, rate, toll, tax, figure.

Other synonyms:

synergy, acceptation, efficacy, usability, importance. meaning, stature, use, bargain, regard, efficiency, denotation, acknowledge, signification, purport, Significancy. significance, practicality. quality. connotation, message, intent. sense. calculate
multiply, enumerate.
hold dear
moral excellence
merit, desirability.
Other relevant words:
force, denotation, appreciate, eminence, importance, drift, condition, goodness, mark, superiority, acceptation, desirability, benefit, treasure, excellence, bargain, prize, meaning, esteem, interpretation, implication, bearing, advantage, use, purport, content, efficiency, signification, practicality, caliber, economic value, substance, consequence, nature, good, regard, message, state, purpose, quality, usefulness, efficacy, equivalent, sense, fee, Significancy, prise, virtue, merit, profit, distinction, preference, power, stature, respect, significance, import, intent, utility, usability, time value, note value, finish, connotation.

Usage examples for value

  1. To find the value of a Friend. – Mr. Punch in Bohemia by Various
  2. I have the Egyptian's life in my power- what will he value it at? – The Last Days of Pompeii by Edward George Bulwer-Lytton
  3. But it is easily seen to have only a fictitious claim to educational value – The Teaching of Geometry by David Eugene Smith