Synonyms for Working:


acting (adjective)
temporary, pro tem, surrogate, deputy, operating, functioning, acting, alternate, performing, practicing.
active (adjective)
active, occupied (adjective)
laboring, practical, functioning, effective, alive, running, operative, going, moving, engaged, employed.
contracted (adjective)
hired (adjective)
running (adjective)
working (adjective)
laboring, toiling, laborious.


O.K., satisfactory, tolerable, all-right, fine, decent, acceptable, adequate, reasonable, respectable. exploded, cutaway, going, alive, mockup, cardboard cut-out, active, action, figure, miniature, awareness, effigy, casting, cast. valuable, worthwhile, high-powered, retained, hired, efficient, helpful, jobholding, work. service, performance, in harness, full employment, in the line of duty, in someone's employ, employment, behavior, hold-down, be back in business, incumbent, reaction, operation, machine. artifact (noun)
employed (noun)
functioning (noun)
going, effective.
working (noun)
workings, running, temporary, functioning, on-the-job, impermanent, employed, functional, operative, practical.


acting (verb)
Doing, officiating, Perpetrating, executing, reacting, Comporting, conducting, appearing, Endeavoring, Transacting, exercising, Behaving, moving, laboring.
serving (verb)
Aiding, serving, helping, Assisting.
working (verb)

Other synonyms:

full employment, jobholding, active. retained, running, incumbent. employment, alive. reaction, behavior. performance, operation. service. on the job
Other relevant words:
operative, acting, action, functional, effective, cast, adequate, worthwhile, satisfactory, impermanent, practical, decent, cutaway, retained, engaged, behavior, service, incumbent, fine, workings, valuable, hired, in harness, employed, efficient, alive, casting, effigy, exploded, figure, operation, active, reasonable, awareness, respectable, performance, machine, jobholding, tolerable, acceptable, helpful, going, high-powered, work, running, mockup, employment, reaction, miniature.

Usage examples for working

  1. " They're working half a day on full day's pay. – The Henchman by Mark Lee Luther
  2. Are you working on the Rivers case, too?" – Murder in the Gunroom by Henry Beam Piper
  3. " You are not any more likely to be hit while working than you are standing still," cried the boy. – A Daughter of the Union by Lucy Foster Madison