Synonyms for Established:


accepted (adjective)
customary, orthodox, accepted, traditional, Condoned, sanctioned, conventional, prevalent, standard, approved.
conclusively proved (adjective)
confirmed, guaranteed, authenticated, validated, corroborated, closed, determined, proved, Upheld, ascertained, endorsed, undeniable, found out, demonstrated, certain, accepted, concluded, approved, verified, assured, valid, sure, substantiated.
evidential (adjective)
certified, authentic, Exemplified, substantiated, confirmed, supported, witnessed, Vouched, corroborated, Exhibited, validated, evidential, Testified, counter-evidential, demonstrated, proven, documented.
in a firm position (adjective)
unshakable, fixed, set, entrenched, ingrained, rooted, stable, deep-rooted, settled, vested, secure, permanent, traditional.
located (adjective)
set up to endure (adjective)
initiated, Begun, founded, endowed, organized, produced, set up, Inaugurated, systematized, equipped, Originated, incorporated.
successful (adjective)
high-flying, leading, successful, triumphant, thriving, big, distinguished, brilliant, huge.


infamous, legendary, stable, celebrated, renowned, fabled, well-known, vested, illustrious, famous, unshakable, permanent, notorious, the one and only. established (noun)
deep-seated, effected, proved, implanted, set up, recognised, well-grooved, accepted, accomplished, conventional, ingrained, brought about, deep-rooted, grooved, planted, official, legitimate, proven, constituted, orthodox, foreign, recognized, settled, secure, entrenched, naturalized, habitual, firm.


ascertained (verb)
ascertained, double checked, assured, verified, checked, found out, Audited.
enacted (verb)
ordained, Enacted, decreed, Legislated.
evinced (verb)
Manifested, Exhibited, deposed, declared, documented, validated, certified, Adduced, Evinced, Indicated, determined, demonstrated, authenticated, corroborated, witnessed, proven, proved, substantiated, supported, attested, Testified, confirmed, Exemplified, stated, observed, Betokened, illustrated, Connoted, Avouched, Vouched.
installed (verb)
located, planted, Grafted, connected, Ensconced, embedded, Instated, Installed, initiated, implanted, Inserted, rooted, put, positioned.
located (verb)
posted, spotted, situated, found, discovered, Unearthed, Stationed, pinpointed.
ordered (verb)
ordered, graded, harmonized, separated, Methodized, categorized, cast, Charted, mediated, balanced, structured, orchestrated, sorted, schematized, Subordinated, shaped, scheduled, pigeonholed, controlled, programmed, Righted, unsnarled, placed, plotted, composed, integrated, framed, grouped, designed, planned, arranged, formed, Collated, normalized, Scored, set, unified, settled, typed, stratified, Rated, Marshalled, adjusted, ranked, classified, Screened, Classed, Schemed, Devised, fixed, systematized, prepared, rationalized, organized, arrayed, stabilized, regulated, maintained, Sifted.

Other synonyms:

regulatory, self-regulatory. structural, tiered, governing. central. informal. flat. firm
Other relevant words:
certain, informal, habitual, naturalized, flat, stable, constituted, well-grooved, foreign, founded, deep-rooted, permanent, concluded, entrenched, official, legendary, recognized, recognised, well-known, tiered, secure, accomplished, undeniable, effected, sure, valid, vested, governing, structural, Upheld, unshakable, firm, legitimate, grooved, ingrained, deep-seated, guaranteed.

Usage examples for established

  1. I have established him, on his majority, in Germany, at a Court. – The Adventures of Harry Richmond, Complete by George Meredith Last Updated: March 7, 2009
  2. There came a day, however, when a cold east wind came up after they were well established in their porch chairs for the morning. – Dawn by Eleanor H. Porter