Synonyms for Business:


agency, agent, big business, affiliate, acquisition, anchor, blue-chip, base, the biz. brokerage, account, racket, pursuit, beauty parade, Broking, cannibalize, asset, business plan, employ, book. bloated, collective, group, business-to-business, big, outfit, brisk, brick-and-mortar, accredited, all-night, house, anticompetitive. custom, deed, demonstration, act, move. context, environment, relevant, climate, circumstance, event, state of affairs, lookout, conditions. matter, necessity, a tall order, mare, burden, struggle, the elephant in the room, thing, the impossible. appointment, delegation, collaboration, division of labor, call, background. E-Commerce, option, dealing, digital. be alone in (doing) something, go solo, stand-alone, do your own thing, do something of your own accord, fend for yourself, sink or swim. action (noun)
activity (noun)
animation, agility, activity, exercise, motion, liveliness, enterprise, conduct, movement, stirring, kinetics, performance, energy, action.
business (noun)
consortium, partnership, establishment, barter, station, practice, exchange, concern, selling, commerce, assignment, industry, vocation, holding, company, livelihood, transaction, employment, occupation, service, merchant, position, firm, calling, management, proprietorship, corporation, posting, career, venture, interest, busy work, job, affair, retailing, commission, trade, specialty, situation, market, labor, negotiation, profession.
business concern (noun)
commerce, trade (noun)
exchange, industry, selling, barter, transaction.
company, enterprise (noun)
establishment, firm, outfit, corporation, concern, house, partnership, market, venture.
duty (noun)
responsibility, obligation, duty, liability.
financial (noun)
commercial, monetary.
group (noun)
job, profession (noun)
employment, trade, vocation, career, specialty, occupation, calling, livelihood, racket, pursuit.
obligation (noun)
personal concern (noun)
assignment, lookout, affair, interest, duty, responsibility, matter.

Other synonyms:

book, business-to-business, anticompetitive, beauty parade, division of labor, business plan, brick-and-mortar, all-night, Broking, agency, accredited, collective, cannibalize, bloated, brokerage, E-Commerce. collaboration, dealing, delegation, brisk, house. big, appointment, background. pursuit, outfit, digital, option. custom, racket. account. lookout, matter. thing. commercial

Usage examples for business

  1. " Are these men here on business – Laughing Bill Hyde and Other Stories by Rex Beach
  2. It wasn't my business to understand it, for that matter. – The Circular Staircase by Mary Roberts Rinehart
  3. " It's my own business isn't it? – Apron-Strings by Eleanor Gates