Synonyms for Tax:


chancellor of the exchequer, the Boston Tea Party, obligation, 1040 form, discount, interest, contribution, corporate welfare, 1099, claw back, fine, allowance, chargeable, DUES, audit. difficulty, hold back, throttle, imposition, inhibit, burden, embarrass, plague, count against, bring up against, disadvantage, let down, demand, strain. impost, pay, politics, money, assessment. heavy, onus, millstone, weight, headache, over. burden (noun)
demand, strain, onus, difficulty, millstone, weight, charge, task.
charge levied by government on property, income (noun)
cost, tariff, levy, toll, fine, impost, expense, rate, DUES, price, imposition, assessment, duty, obligation, contribution.
price (noun)
levy, premium, toll, damage, duty, outlay, amount, tab, expense, tariff, price, charge, cost, value, worth, dearness, quotation, figure, rate.
tax (noun)
task, taxation, assess, revenue enhancement.


levy charge on property, income (verb)
penalize (verb)
possession (verb)
price (verb)
figure, rate, price, value, charge, toll.

Other synonyms:

onus, impost. millstone, headache. burden. weight. fee
Other relevant words:
burden, fine, discount, difficulty, demand, millstone, imposition, headache, revenue enhancement, audit, strain, taxation, weight, assessment, onus, obligation, contribution, assess, task, impost, DUES.

Usage examples for tax

  1. " I've checked through his tax forms, and they're all in order. – Police Your Planet by Lester del Rey
  2. The landlord supplies the land, the buildings, and the cattle, and pays the property- tax – The Roman Question by Edmond About
  3. To tell the truth, Phoebe's sudden outburst was as great a tax upon her nerves as Mrs. Allen's unwelcome visit. – The Panchronicon by Harold Steele Mackaye