Synonyms for Art:


talent, ancient history, trade, archaeology, inventiveness, technique, knack, acoustics, creativity, aesthetics, agriculture, faculty, flair, craftsmanship, applied linguistics, Anthropology, expertise, adroitness, archeology, agronomy, imagination. portrayal, performance, painting, simulation, thing, act, description, course, activity, operation, representation, personification, illustration, drawing, demonstration, move, abstraction, delineation, deed, venture. music, arts and crafts, brass rubbing, carving, collage, creation, architecture, picture, coloring, belles lettres, art form, sculpture, ceramics, masterpiece, dance, batik, statue, literature. racket, employ, occupation, business, earth science, social science, job, Life Sciences, work, calling, employment, vocation, profession, information science, the humanities, line, arts, action, pursuit, career, liberal arts, physical science, natural science. command, proficiency, knowledge, adeptness, know-how, expertness, ability. means, honest, slyness. art (noun)
graphics, Nontextual Matter, artwork, fine art, artistic creation, artistry, artistic production, prowess.
artifact (noun)
fine art.
creation meant to communicate or appeal to senses or mind (noun)
portrayal, representation, illustration, painting, abstraction, description, carving, simulation.
cunning (noun)
subtlety, facility, wit, ingeniousness, shrewdness, wariness, craftiness, astuteness, sharpness, wiliness, deftness, guile, mastery, quickness, finesse, ingenuity, snakiness, slyness, trickiness, artfulness, foxiness, slipperiness, sly, smoothness, deviousness, cleverness, cunning, Canniness, slickness, skill.
drama (noun)
suspense, mime, excitement, mystery, choreography, broadway, vaudeville, spectacle, ballet, teleplay, comedy, characterization, pageant, variety, theater, show, rendering, improvisational drama, panorama, presentation, burlesque, production, scene, drama, melodrama, skit, pantomime, improvisation, tragedy.
knowledge (noun)
method (noun)
skill, creativity (noun)
knowledge, craftsmanship, expertise, facility, inventiveness, trade, profession, mastery, knack, artistry, imagination, ingenuity, adroitness, know-how.

Other synonyms:

slyness, drawing, carving, sculpture, expertise, art form, brass rubbing, belles lettres, painting, chef-d'oeuvre, batik, back catalog, ceramics, adeptness, masterpiece, expertness. literature, proficiency, composition, assemblage, career, collage, coloring, know-how, arts and crafts. canon, knack, technique, music, illustration, creation. background, ability, pursuit. racket, work. picture. line. liberal arts
nontextual matter
Nontextual Matter.
Other relevant words:
Anthropology, course, proficiency, inventiveness, command, natural science, adeptness, adroitness, honest, craftsmanship, portrayal, move, description, employ, composition, social science, background, ceramics, deed, occupation, architecture, delineation, Nontextual Matter, canon, profession, agriculture, calling, imagination, agronomy, language, illustration, history, graphics, act, expertise, flair, archeology, business, means, slyness, expertness, masterpiece, technique, knowledge, aesthetics, artistry, vocation, sculpture, know-how, job, action, line, statue, pursuit, carving, batik, painting, personification, coloring, trade, music, abstraction, operation, prowess, thing, creativity, fine art, picture, demonstration, performance, knack, artistic production, collage, literature, humanities, archaeology, simulation, work, racket, faculty, representation, artistic creation, artwork, assemblage, dance, acoustics, employment, career, creation, drawing, ability, activity, talent, arts, venture, philosophy.

Usage examples for art

  1. How beautiful thou art – The Complete Poetical Works of Henry Wadsworth Longfellow by Henry Wadsworth Longfellow
  2. An object of art – David Elginbrod by George MacDonald
  3. You must be very much interested in art – The Mystery of the Hasty Arrow by Anna Katharine Green