Synonyms for Shifting:


active (adjective)
movable, running, flowing, moving, restless, going.
changeable (adjective)
variable, modifiable, flighty, irresolute, unsteady, ever-changing, mutable, flexible, changeful, convertible, versatile, adaptable, vacillating, Transposable, fluid, fickle, mercurial, varying, unsettled, volatile, wavering, alterable, changeable, restless, protean, inconstant, reformable, transformable, precarious, Vicissitudinous, unstable, movable, adjustable.
changing (adjective)
errant (adjective)
drifting, Deviating, wandering.
erratic (adjective)
fitful (adjective)
fluid (adjective)
adjustable, floating, flexible.
mobile (adjective)
transient (adjective)
cursory, passing, changeable, transient, short-lived, mortal, fickle, fleeting, temporary, Flitting, brief, volatile, impermanent, temporal, short-term, evanescent, ephemeral, fading, rootless, transitory, restless, momentary, instantaneous, flickering, mutable.


floating. gradually, radical, gradual, quicksilver, developmental, evolutionary, radically, cosmetic, drastic, away. act (noun)
shifting (noun)
moving, variable, loose, unfirm, shift.


carrying (verb)
Expressing, Delivering, Removing, transmitting, bearing, Carrying, carting, Dispatching, conveying, hauling, Transporting, sending.
deflecting (verb)
diverging, Refracting, drifting, departing, Deflecting, Diffracting, Deviating, Digressing, wandering.
moving (verb)
relocating, coursing, actuating, moving, running, Transferring, Budging, stirring, flowing, proceeding, transiting, passing, going.

Other synonyms:

Other relevant words:
loose, unfirm, floating, shift, quicksilver.

Usage examples for shifting

  1. Randolph asked unhappily, shifting his feet. – The Holes Around Mars by Jerome Bixby
  2. It meant much shifting about of stones and bits of glass. – Jerusalem by Selma Lagerlöf
  3. Presently there was a little shifting of groups. – Lady Rose's Daughter by Mrs. Humphry Ward