Synonyms for Motion:


disturbance, transfer, flight, mover, change, transit. docket, agenda, minutes, quorum, session, proceedings, Apologies, resolution, changing. defense, deposition, closing argument, plan, habeas corpus, continuance, consideration, case, exhibit, evidence, appearance, suggestion, proposal, proposition, examination. lift, duck, stir, toss, bob your head, tilt, toss your head/hair back, avert your eyes/gaze/head etc., incline. express, high sign. signalize, give the high sign. action (noun)
conduct, performance, action, energy, deed, animation, business, effort, activity, operation, agility, liveliness, behavior, labor, practice, movement, exercise, enterprise, endeavor.
activity (noun)
business, stirring, kinetics, liveliness, exercise, labor, agility, animation, energy, action.
amendment (noun)
communication (noun)
gesture, question.
event (noun)
indication (noun)
figuration, logotype, hint, notation, symbol, signpost, indication, guidepost, denotation, lighthouse, marker, semaphore, designation, logo, key, token, beacon, legend, emblem, gesticulation, sign, crest, icon, badge, insignia, banner, pointer.
motion (noun)
gesture, proposal, locomotion, question, transition, stirring, motility, kinetics, flux, plan, proposition, signal, gesticulate, procession, movement, wave, change, passage, gesticulation, high sign, stir, changing, mobility, apparent motion, move, apparent movement, sign.
offer (noun)
travel (noun)


flag (verb)
indicate (verb)
gesticulate, prompt, wink, nod, wave, point, guide, symbolize, signal, indicate, stamp, label, note, gesture, point out, shrug, cue, betoken, beckon, denote, brand, tag, notify, flag, mark, alert, nudge, designate, ticket.
motion (verb)
flag, nod, gesticulate, guide, beckon, signalize.

Other synonyms:

disturbance, mover, transit, high sign, quorum. agenda, flight, resolution, docket, proceedings. session, transfer. signalize. tilt, toss. lift. signalize
give the high sign.
Other relevant words:
disturbance, quorum, incline, mover, give the high sign, continuance, duck, exhibit, apparent motion, plan, deposition, examination, transfer, move, resolution, changing, docket, lift, toss, agenda, case, flight, change, appearance, signalize, proceedings, minutes, action, stir, apparent movement, question, evidence, transit, tilt, proposal, consideration, Apologies, session, defense, proposition, suggestion, express.

Usage examples for motion

  1. I watched every motion and change in her, waiting for her to speak again. – Simon Dale by Anthony Hope
  2. Its life depends upon its motion – The Girl Aviators' Sky Cruise by Margaret Burnham
  3. Her little fleet was in motion – The Captain of the Kansas by Louis Tracy