Synonyms for Fish:


blenny, pompano, capture, mullet, muskellunge, bluefish, red snapper, big game, shad, monkfish, grampus, porgy, denizen of the deep, Mahi Mahi, turtle, oyster, loach, bite, shrimp, horse mackerel, blood sports, angling, panfish, one of the finny tribe, hogfish, lobster, clam, tilefish, finny prey, flying fish, bait, bag, bream, cast, Blindfish, devilfish, seafood, bullhead, roughy. gull, dupe, ask, mug, prey, sap, patsy, chump, sitting duck, sitting target, hint. bloater, fillet, bouillabaisse, chowder, filet. pelagic, fry, bottom feeder. probe, hunt down, seek out, search out, look out for, scavenge, search, look for, pick through, go through. squeeze out, drag out of, beat out, loosen someone's tongue, force out of, draw out, coax something out of someone, draw, worm out of. animals (noun)
Ruminants, Rodents, Amphibians, birds, felines, reptiles, Vertebrates, brutes, carnivores, herbivores, Mammals, canines, Invertebrates, Insects, marsupials, beasts, Animals, creatures.
fastener (noun)
fish (noun)
grouper, tarpon, sea horse, salmon, guppy, pisces, whitefish, pickerel, marlin, halibut, catfish, eel, tuna, sardine, sailfish, hake, angle, ray, swordfish, blackfish, bass, hammerhead, lamprey, kipper, minnow, fluke, Mudfish, speckled trout, turbot, sole, anchovy, smelt, bowfin, flatfish, puffer, dogfish, bluegill, perch, walleye, Sting ray, gar, flounder, haddock, barracuda, rainbow trout, sturgeon, sunfish, mackerel, Pisces The Fishes, albacore, pike, shark, carp, herring, char, goby, trout, crappie, goldfish.


contact (verb)
throwing bait to catch seafood (verb)
bait, angle, cast.

Other synonyms:

Pisces the Fishes
Pisces The Fishes.
fillet, worm out of, chowder, force out of, pelagic, bouillabaisse, drag out of. squeeze out, mullet, bottom feeder. bream, COD, draw out, fry. draw. bivalve
search out.
Other relevant words:
chump, gull, mullet, mug, sitting duck, horse mackerel, angling, porgy, bait, bullhead, dupe, panfish, pompano, hogfish, Pisces The Fishes, oyster, bouillabaisse, seafood, clam, look for, cast, shrimp, patsy, chowder, muskellunge, bream, hint, angle, draw, fillet, sap, devilfish, probe, pisces, fry, bloater, loach.

Usage examples for fish

  1. " Well, yes, I expect so," said Mr Fish – Janet's Love and Service by Margaret M Robertson
  2. I could no more have done differently than a fish could breathe on land or a man under water. – The Deluge by David Graham Phillips
  3. I see them; and I think we had better fish them up. – Haste and Waste by Oliver Optic