Synonyms for Mean:


average (adjective)
halfway, commonplace, standard, mezzo, common, mediocre, median, popular, medium, mid, predominant, everyday, average, middling, moderate, midmost, conventional, customary, usual, traditional, stereotype, normal, dominant, stock, ordinary, middle-of-the-road, run-of-the-mill.
bad-tempered (adjective)
central (adjective)
axial, pivotal, midmost, nuclear, middle.
close (adjective)
despicable (adjective)
despicable, repellent, low, reprehensible, offensive, vile, contemptible, loathsome, repulsive, revolting.
economical (adjective)
thrifty, meager.
false (adjective)
hateful (adjective)
hostile, rude (adjective)
despicable, unscrupulous, perfidious, shameless, unfriendly, nasty, cantankerous, sour, infamous, hard, bad-tempered, vicious, churlish, malign, scurrilous, evil, knavish, rotten, treacherous, contemptible, dishonorable, vile, disagreeable, malicious, ignoble, ill-tempered.
irritable (adjective)
malevolent (adjective)
catty, vindictive, hurtful, spiteful, treacherous, malicious, ill-natured, bitter, corrosive, baneful, Black-hearted, nasty, evil, antagonistic, sullen, perfidious, churlish, malignant, baleful, virulent, venomous, hostile, vicious, malevolent, wicked, rancorous, foul, sinister, hateful.
mediocre (adjective)
banal, normal, modest, suburban, usual, standard, common, ordinary, so-so, mundane, routine, mediocre, average.
middle (adjective)
equidistant, middling, halfway, medium, middle-of-the-road, center, central, mezzo, nuclear, intermediate, axial, midmost, centralized, average, mediocre, half-and-half, pivotal, median, mid, core, half, midway, geocentric, Bisecting, medial, middle.
offensive (adjective)
poor (adjective)
in need, needy, impoverished, badly off, deprived, poverty-stricken, struggling, penniless, destitute.
poor; of or in inferior circumstances (adjective)
sordid, modest, mediocre, shabby, common, petty, pitiful, ordinary, low.
stingy (adjective)
cheeseparing, greedy, parsimonious, austere, ascetic, thrifty, abstemious, petty, frugal, spartan, closefisted, tight, miserly, meager, Hard-fisted, niggardly, stingy, rapacious, narrow-fisted, penny-pinching.
sullen (adjective)
cynical, unfriendly, surly, sullen, moody, long-faced, noncooperative, broody, dissociable, grumpy, contrary, grouchy, scowling, grim, morose, cross, sour, cantankerous, dark, petulant, sulky, melancholy, crabby, beetle-browed, hostile, Moping, ungenial, unsociable, malevolent, glum, dejected, uncooperative, fretful, dour, obstinate, frowning, irascible, glowering, gloomy.
ungenerous (adjective)
miserly, parsimonious, greedy, rapacious, selfish, tight, penny-pinching, stingy.
wicked (adjective)


inhuman, hard, pitiless, uncharitable, monstrous. crave, drive at, intimate, betoken, aspire, suggest, add up, look for, express, lust after, determine, touch on, import, hope, want, point to, spell, have your heart set on (doing) something, yearn, long. annoyed, fed up, belligerent, irritated, displeased, upset, angry, anticipate, mad, put out. have big ideas/plans, plan on, start out, be going to do something, set apart, envisage. calculable, even, divisible, hexadecimal, double digit, annualized, binary, decimal, indivisible, meaning. design, arithmetic mean, purpose, average out, planned, contemplate, per head, project, the law of averages, target, per capita. identify, betray, par, proclaim, norm. intermediary, instrumentality, means, instrumentation, mechanism, agent, economical, economic, agency, careful, Economies, organ, instrument, thrift. tell of, wherewithal, invoke, wealth, refer to, talk in terms of something, owned, asset, raise, note, allude to, fortune, mention, come up, resource, capital. create, set off, inaugurate, edge, trigger, catalyze, midway, start-off, invent, form, make, bring about. record, fall into place, say, cohere. average (noun)
par, midpoint, median, norm, middle, center.
mediocrity (noun)
ordinariness, modesty, commonness, normalcy, mediocrity, banality.
middle (noun)
midpoint, kernel, midst, marrow, nub, bisection, heart, epicenter, axis, center, halfway point, nucleus, hub, pivot.
small-minded (noun)
selfish, ignoble, shabby, ignominious, small-minded, debased, discreditable, degrading, crummy, degraded, Mean-spirited, sordid, dishonorable, unworthy.
vicious (noun)
cruel, ill-tempered, shameless, villainous, unscrupulous, knavish, deceitful, odious, blackguard, malign, sneaking, rotten, fraudulent, crooked, scurrilous, disagreeable, unkind, ornery, bad-tempered, infamous, faithless.


communication (verb)
have in mind; intend (verb)
aim, purpose, anticipate, expect, wish, want, plan, resolve, design, aspire, contemplate, propose, make.
intend (verb)
consider, wish, intend, endeavor, scheme, choose, propose, resolve, mind, expect, plan, aim.
mean (verb)
define, denote, connote, explain, imply, signify, describe, indicate.
signify, convey (verb)
suggest, intimate, determine, connote, touch on, imply, point to, betoken, allude to, spell, drive at, express, import, say, add up, denote, indicate.

Other synonyms:

arithmetic mean, start out, asset, envisage, the law of averages, plan on, instrumentation, point to, economical, bad-tempered, cohere, per capita, identify. instrument, average out, niggardly, ill-tempered, mechanism, import, drive at, midway, par, odious, instrumentality. agent, infamous, agency, malign, norm, wherewithal, intermediary, proclaim. spell, wealth, contemplate, resource, design, suggest, disagreeable. betray, capital, fortune. purpose, organ. say. record. base
sordid, ignoble.
unkind, shabby.
point to.
set apart.
Other relevant words:
disagreeable, spell, intermediary, design, betoken, pitiful, abject, niggardly, hard, odious, express, purpose, import, ignoble, shabby, suggest, ornery, drive at, sordid, monstrous.