Synonyms for Occasion:


climate, conditions, state of affairs, background, position, incident, environment, context. excuse, motivation, opportunity, possibility, point, in justification of something, opening, chance, pretext. catalyze, inaugurate, set off, invent, create, time, start-off, make, season, bring about, form. bout, minute, a bit, short-term, second, split second, sec. phenomenon, life, happen, show, showcase. news, development. break, shot, luck. start. wherefore, call, necessity, why, ground, justification. celebration, fete, gala, festivity, group, DO, party, work, bash, soiree. causes (noun)
impetus, base, culprit, influence, catalyst, contributor.
chance (noun)
excuse, incident, shot, instant, occurrence, moment, show, time, season, possibility, break, opening, opportunity.
event, happening (noun)
episode, celebration, affair, happening, milestone.
good fortune (noun)
occasion (noun)
juncture, function, affair, social function, social occasion.
occurrence (noun)
incident, happening.
once in a while (noun)
seldom, occasionally, hardly, sometimes, at certain times.
reason, cause (noun)
call, necessity, motivation, basis, justification, influence, ground, circumstance.


make happen, bring about (verb)
DO, create.

Other synonyms:

soiree, pretext, opportunity, trigger, why. gala, wherefore, time, fete, possibility, phenomenon, motivation, incident. bash, showcase, excuse, festivity. shot, necessity. justification, opening, news. party, chance. celebration, point, ground. life. make. show. begin
good fortune
set off.
Other relevant words:
chance, ground, influence, create, gala, necessity, life, bash, incident, celebration, basis, call, phenomenon, time, base, inaugurate, catalyst, occasionally, why, trigger, justification, motivation, make, work, luck, opportunity, form, start, fete, development, party, season, contributor, show, festivity, break, social function, wherefore, soiree, excuse, possibility, bring about, bout, news, social occasion, DO, opening, function, shot, affair.

Usage examples for occasion

  1. There was, of course, no occasion for it, as he would have this place after me- a fine estate and a good position: what could he want more? – Colonel Thorndyke's Secret by G. A. Henty
  2. It was only the truth which Arethusa spoke, just as she had been taught it was best to do on every occasion – The Heart of Arethusa by Francis Barton Fox