Synonyms for Adventure:


crisis, a disaster waiting to happen, emergency, havoc, minefield, danger, threat, precipice. compromise. Emprise. act (noun)
dangerous undertaking, risky venture, escapade.
adventure (noun)
jeopardize, run a risk, hazard, dangerous undertaking, take chances, gamble, risky venture, take a chance, venture, stake, risk, escapade, chance.
exploit (noun)
experience, event.
risky or unexpected undertaking (noun)
exploit, chance, Emprise, enterprise, undertaking, feat, experience, venture, hazard.
venture (noun)
feat, activity, task, affair, pursuit, initiative, campaign, scheme, procedure.


social (verb)
hazard, take chances, chance, risk, run a risk, take a chance, gamble.

Other synonyms:

emergency, Emprise, crisis, havoc, minefield, precipice, danger. experience, event. compromise. take a chance

Usage examples for adventure

  1. Rebecca was up in season to see her father start, but Anna, tired from the adventure of the previous day, had not awakened. – A Little Maid of Old Maine by Alice Turner Curtis
  2. There seemed a possibility of some excitement in the adventure so I asked: " Will you want any help?" – Martin Hewitt, Investigator by Arthur Morrison
  3. Leaving for Oregon remained a glorious adventure – The Lost Wagon by James Arthur Kjelgaard