Synonyms for Posting:


insertion, bookmark, address, blind certificate, access number, entry, anonymous ftp, Bluetooth, account name, ABEND, blogosphere, words, boolean. billboard, banner ad, bumper sticker, banner, advertorial, classified ad. consultancy, baby, dead-end job, desk job, busywork, cover, chore, Child Labor, day job. advertising (noun)
broadcasting, Promoting, Announcing.
business (noun)
exchange, station, interest, activity, commerce, commission, consortium, venture, practice, situation, barter, specialty, job, position, industry, profession, livelihood, merchant, company, employment, business, holding, labor, management, vocation, selling, partnership, assignment, career, service, calling, trade, establishment, enterprise, market, busy work, transaction, firm, corporation, occupation, concern, affair, negotiation, retailing, proprietorship.
job (noun)
chore, vocation, calling, career, situation, spot, occupation, livelihood, activity, profession, position, business, trade, assignment.
location (noun)
locus, site, spot, scene, emplacement, place, location.
posting (noun)
insertion, placard, poster, notice, bill, mailing, card.
sending (noun)
mailing, Dispatching.


corresponding (verb)
Acknowledging, answering, Dispatching, corresponding, Replying.
locating (verb)
setting, situating, positioning, putting, Unearthing, Stationing, Discovering, spotting, finding, Placing, Establishing, locating, pinpointing, laying.
post (verb)
place, station.
publishing (verb)
propagandizing, Promoting, Promulgating, advertising, publishing, Announcing, reporting, briefing, circulating, broadcasting.
situating (verb)

Other synonyms:

insertion. entry. Other relevant words:
banner, mailing, ABEND, busywork, bookmark, blogosphere, cover, billboard, boolean, card, bill, advertorial, address, notice, entry, Bluetooth, words, poster, baby, consultancy, insertion, placard, chore.

Usage examples for posting

  1. My anxiety was relieved by my writing letters to my father, addressed to the care of Miss Julia Rippenger, and posting them in her work- basket. – The Adventures of Harry Richmond, Complete by George Meredith Last Updated: March 7, 2009
  2. I stamped and addressed these missives, and put them by till a chance of posting should arise. – My Brilliant Career by Miles Franklin