Synonyms for Capacity:


sweep, prowess, limit, experience, contents, gift, proficiency, scope, room, quantity, range, latitude, mass, compass, dimensions, reach, spread, burden, measure, retention, space, sufficiency, mastery. business plan, asset, brokerage, book, cannibalize, Broking, competence, account, beauty parade. allowance, amount, batch, balance, accumulation, allocation, block, arithmetic, backlog, grasp. byte, bandwidth, baud, clock speed, DPI, ghz, cps, bit. fuel, biomass, burn, coal-fired, biogas, biofuel, gas, fossil fuel. ability (noun)
potential, inclination.
ability; competency (noun)
gift, inclination, capability, competence, intelligence.
amount (noun)
calculation (noun)
capacity (noun)
content, electrical capacity, capability, capacitance, mental ability.
function (noun)
place, position, function, job, role.
intellect (noun)
understanding, comprehension, cerebration, intellect, reason, intelligence, brain, brain-power, thought, mentality, rationality, thinking, reasoning, mind.
intelligence (noun)
measure (noun)
quantity (noun)
room (noun)
size (noun)
Portliness, bulk, extent, bigness, corpulence, proportion, volume, size, length, height, amplitude, largeness, measurement, magnitude, chunkiness, expanse, area, width, breadth, greatness, dimension.
volume; limit of volume held (noun)
sweep, quantity, extent, compass, burden, contents, measure, size, scope, range, reach, expanse, latitude, bulk, dimensions, retention, spread, amplitude, mass, room, space, sufficiency, magnitude.

Other synonyms:

clock speed, biogas, cannibalize, ghz, baud, job, Broking, business plan, measure, backlog, inclination, cps, bandwidth, arithmetic, DPI, biofuel, book, beauty parade, coal-fired, brokerage, byte, fossil fuel, allowance, amount, spread. biomass, accumulation, balance, mastery, gift, contents, competence, batch. fuel, mass, block, compass, scope. account. gas, range, bit. burn. function

Usage examples for capacity

  1. At the same time his capacity as a political man began to be acknowledged. – Monsieur de Camors, v3 by Octave Feuillet
  2. For tapers that are beyond the capacity of this device, and also for holding cutters to have their face teeth ground, the device shown in Fig. – Modern Machine-Shop Practice, Volumes I and II by Joshua Rose
  3. Would that have proved his capacity for affection? – Primitive Love and Love-Stories by Henry Theophilus Finck