Synonyms for Aristocracy:


baroness, baronetcy, archduke, consort, countess, baronet, count, aristocrat, baron. over, society, blue blood, upper crust, upper class, quality, Patriciate, flower, gentility. aristocracy (noun)
gentry, nobility.
gentility (noun)
courtliness, ruling class.
group (noun)
high society (noun)
privileged class.
nobility (noun)
nobility, greatness, courtliness, sovereignty, Patriciate, dignity, Kingliness, majesty, Knightliness, Princeliness, stature, distinction, heroicalness, imperialness, Queenliness, Regality, lordliness, stateliness, Augustness, grandness.
superior (noun)
master, boss, leader, champion, president, victor, prodigy, star, prize winner, superman, champ, commander, elite, winner, wonderwoman, premier, paragon, chief, superwoman, exceller, superior, prima donna, virtuoso, sovereign.

Other synonyms:

baronet, countess, archduke, royalty, the upper crust, baronetcy, upper crust, aristocrat, baroness. upper class, consort, baron, blue blood. gentility, society. count. flower. quality. gentry
gentry, peerage.
Other relevant words:
countess, the elite, Patriciate, gentry, archduke, flower, gentility, fashionable world, baronet, upper crust, ruling class, peerage, baronetcy, society, baron, nobles, patricians, blue blood, high society, aristocrat, baroness, haut monde, quality, beau monde, royalty.

Usage examples for aristocracy

  1. It is obvious, I think, that a military aristocracy alone, or even with the combined support of empire- building philosophers and a jack- boot Kaiser, could not have hurried the solid German nation into so strange a situation. – The Healing of Nations and the Hidden Sources of Their Strife by Edward Carpenter
  2. There was, and is, absolutely no aristocracy of any kind at all. – The Soul of a People by H. Fielding
  3. Compare this with Sir Thomas Brown's aristocracy of spirit. – Literary Remains, Vol. 2 by Coleridge