Synonyms for Follow:


supplant, recognize, go behind, keep to, replace, adhere to. alternate, afterthought, support, ...only to do something, follow on from, (hard/hot/close) on the heels of, serve. establish, Deus Ex Machina, dramatic irony, dialogue, regard, dialog, anthropomorphic, characterization, allegory, bathos, device. amble, step, hike, stray, trek, wander, saunter, understand, stroll, walk, comprehend, grasp, stride. begin, set about, mind, go to, get down to, accept, dive in, get around to, start, carry out, same, start on. pattern, model, unfold, come to pass. practice, believe, supervene, get religion, time, be/feel called to do something, profess. dig, apprehend, conceive, hear out, compass, read, listen in, read someone's lips, savvy, ken, fathom, strain your eyes/ears, twig, hang on someone's every word, hear from, eavesdrop, sense. concern yourself, take notice, zero in on, hone in on, sit up and take notice, follow up, continue, pay attention, concentrate, focus, turn to. follow in someone's footsteps, do likewise, follow the crowd/go with the crowd, take your cue from someone. follow around. watch for, spy on, keep (a) watch, be on the lookout for, stand over, follow/watch someone's every move. follow (noun)
come after, watch, succeed, come, conform to, keep up, stick to, pursue, travel along, survey, espouse, accompany, observe, watch over, take after, stick with, keep an eye on, keep abreast, postdate, trace, be, comply, abide by, adopt.
follow through (noun)
continue, pursue.
follow up (noun)
continue, pursue.


act in accordance with (verb)
accord, comply, emulate, take after, serve, observe, harmonize, adhere to, mind, adopt, keep an eye on, conform, match, support, reflect, watch, abide by, mirror, regard, mimic.
comply (verb)
ensue (verb)
destine, approach, ensue, result, eventuate, impend, develop.
follow (verb)
descend, lag.
imitate (verb)
occur (verb)
transpire, occur, happen, arise, befall.
pursue (verb)
endeavor, quest, trail, strive, tail, stalk, chase, track, hunt, dog, intend, seek, search, harry, aim, undertake, sleuth, pursue, aspire.
sequence (verb)
chain, rank, link, order, queue, progress, concatenate, arrange, thread, succeed, string, array, sequence, align, sort.
take the place of (verb)
pursue, succeed, replace, supplant, postdate, result, ensue, come after, supervene, chase.
trail, pursue physically (verb)
concatenate, stalk, seek, search, tail, accompany, string along, hunt, stick to, dog, shadow, track.
understand (verb)
comprehend, accept, dig, fathom, apprehend, grasp.

Other synonyms:

manage, eavesdrop, hear out, string along, flow from, hear from, go without, follow around, keep to, understand, recognize, follow on from, adhere to, end in, come out of, mind, live by. afterthought, grasp, drop out, listen in, replace, grow out of, fathom, twig, reflect, add up to, alternate, bird dog, read. comprehend, believe, live on, turn out, profess, serve, ken. apprehend. mimic, conceive, practice, shadow. room. accept, dig. accompany
stick to.
come after.
give back
pay attention, watch over.
do likewise.
go to.
look at
live by.
Other relevant words:
bird dog, supervene, supplant, mind, regard, come after, survey, believe, carry out, attend to, emulate, support, string along, be, grasp, travel along, take after, trace, start, begin, keep abreast, shadow, get the idea, replace, compass, watch, comprehend, postdate, adhere to, accompany, accept, conform to, keep to, flow, model, understand, manage, abide by, come to pass, come, afterthought, accord, pattern, room, comply, keep an eye on, work out, pay attention, continue, practice, savvy, carry on, set about, establish, dig, stick with, mimic, fathom, twig, observe, stick to, mirror, alternate, profess, go behind, espouse, unfold, adopt, match, know, sense, watch over, ken, reflect, apprehend, serve, read, conceive, harmonize, keep up, spy on, conform.

Usage examples for follow

  1. " You will follow her very soon. – Story of My Life, volumes 1-3 by Augustus J. C. Hare
  2. Our orders are to follow but to stand off the Indians. – Campaigning with Crook and Stories of Army Life by Charles King
  3. If you will be so good as to follow me, sir. – Mr. Marx's Secret by E. Phillips Oppenheim