Synonyms for Ingenious:


all (adjective)
cunning, clever.
clever; brilliant (adjective)
imaginative, shrewd, innovatory, sly, resourceful, artistic, inventive, canny, adroit, innovative, creative, original, subtle, intelligent, skillful, cunning, crafty.
creative (adjective)
prolific, originative, imaginative, productive, conceptive, constructive, inventive, resourceful, original, innovative, visionary, fertile, creative.
cunning (adjective)
calculating, skillful, wily, masterful, masterly, witty, slick, foxy, slippery, snaky, tricky, canny, shrewd, quick, serpentine, devious, smooth, subtle, designing, deft, sharp, astute, artful, wary, crafty, cunning, feline, sly, scheming, clever.
discriminating (adjective)
original (adjective)
genuine, authentic, first, prototypical, innovative, original, initial, unique, novel, creative.
sharp (adjective)
witty (adjective)
funny, droll, waggish, pithy, urbane, sarcastic, crafty, brilliant, intelligent, clever, artful, subtle, cunning, joking, canny, sly, deft, comical, pointed, wily, tricky, shrewd, astute, jocular, scurrilous, scintillating, quick-witted, smart, sparkling, sharp, quick, facetious, resourceful, dry, witty, foxy, sophisticated, adroit, inventive.


wise, clear-sighted, discerning, academic. insightful, ability, incisive, thoughtful, perceptive, sound, meditative, innovatory, reasoned, deductive. clever (noun)
study at clever, artistic.
ingenious (noun)
originative, imaginative, cunning, creative, inventive, clever, artful, adroit.

Other synonyms:

innovatory. Other relevant words:
reasoned, artistic, insightful, deductive, discerning, academic, innovatory, sound, perceptive, originative, clear-sighted, incisive, wise, meditative, ability, thoughtful.

Usage examples for ingenious

  1. In despair he hit upon an ingenious trick, which wanted nothing but success to have made him. – A Wanderer in Paris by E. V. Lucas
  2. This is probably an ingenious combination belonging to the father himself. – The Canon of the Bible by Samuel Davidson
  3. You have some very ingenious ideas and some very pretty thoughts, Mrs. Bascom, do you know it? – The Village Watch-Tower by (AKA Kate Douglas Riggs) Kate Douglas Wiggin