Synonyms for Put on:


booking, Booking office, afloat, book on, aboard, aisle seat, board, bus, bookable, ARR. wrap up, clothe, cover up, get dressed, slip into, dress, try on, pull on. play along, play out, keep up. crank, control, actuate, flick, coax, activate, eject, flash, energize, make believe, engage. bedside manner, deceive, cure, doctor, caseload, confuse, diagnose, commit, confound, admit, examine, confine, certify. mask, color, cloak, false colors, guise, pretense, Disguisement, convene, face, front, orchestrate, disguise, choreograph, veil, set up, cover, pretext, organize, show, plan, window dressing, coloring, masquerade, stage, veneer, gloss, prepare, semblance, arrange. imaginary, synthetic, made-up, calculated, hypothetical. half-truth, falsehood, fabrication, invention, white lie, untruth, a tissue of lies, disinformation, misinformation. place, back, toss, gamble, put money on something, bet, stake, break the bank. boil down, broil, barbecue, charbroil, bake, burn, baste, braise, boil, brown. bottom out, appraise, cap, beat down, Capping, bargain, bounce back, cheapen. create, catalyze, bring about, form, start-off, invent, set off, trigger, inaugurate. manufacture, concoct, Misspeak, lie, bend the truth, fabricate, mislead, make up. creditworthy, financier, compound interest, borrowing power, borrowing, debt collector, creditor, extension, creditworthiness, foreclose. put in, entrust, land with, lumber, drop/dump something in someone's lap, impose, shift, saddle with. caller, call-in, busy, busy signal, answer, call back, call, dial, call up, cut off. meet, represent, race, contest, duel. facial, cotton bud, cotton, face peel, cleanse, cotton wool ball, cotton wool, handkerchief, exfoliate, cotton swab. lose, fill out, fatten up, plump out, sweat off, stay off, fat camp, trim down, slim down. feigned (noun)
put on (noun)
gain, joke, parody, counterfeit, fraudulence, trick, fictive, fool, false, get into, caper, sham, humbug, travesty, pasquinade, fraud, befool, turn in, burlesque, lampoon, hoax, assume, dupe, mockery, assumed, sendup, mount, pretended, takeoff, dupery, charade, prank, COD, imitative, slang, gull, spoof, put one over, apply, don, fictitious, wear, put one across, antic.


creation (verb)
pretend (verb)
deceive, masquerade, confound, make believe, assume, trick, confuse, don, counterfeit, sham.
stage a performance (verb)
show, mount.

Other synonyms:

false colors, cover up, land with, fatten up, plump out, Disguisement, pull on, window dressing, try on, entrust, slip into, fat camp, saddle with, gamble. masquerade, guise, clothe, trim down, fill out, bet, semblance, sweat off, slim down, wrap up, stake. dress, cap, stay off, coloring, veneer, cloak, lumber, toss. gloss, pretext, impose, front. mask, veil, put in, cover. pretense. color. shift, lose. face. place. back. call. clothe
cover up.
Other relevant words:
bet, stage, dress, face, made-up, set up, deceive, engage, veil, gamble, front, lie, slip into, apply, arrange, race, synthetic, mask, disguise, saddle with, represent, cover up, show, pull on, organize, prepare, mislead, clothe, confuse, masquerade, place, pretense, impose, cloak, confound, stake, cover.