Synonyms for Rule:


abdicate, depose, court, crown, coronation, commoner, the crown, dethrone, accede, accession. flourish, get ahead, thrive, be a roaring success, dictate, prosper, win out, achieve, be/get there. notify, proclaim, inform, issue, course, announce, address, habit, custom, bring forward, render, declare. bradawl, dominance, blowtorch, box end wrench, awl, Allen Wrench, adjustable wrench, blowlamp, bellows, applicator, over, bit. governance, hold sway, implant, administration (of an estate), incline, politics, predispose, motivate, condition, throw back on, enter. ethics, etiquette, the proprieties, morals, Standards, conscience, regime. outline, prescription, mark, mark out, draw, carve, canon, institute, engrave, circle, streak, imprint. concordance, rubric, prescriptive, reformulate, parse, grammatical, hypercorrection, generative grammar, grammar, grammarian. commonplace, ordinary, usual, norm. aphorism (noun)
authority (noun)
cognition (noun)
command (noun)
direction, sway, will, mastery, grasp, government, power, mandate, supremacy, charge, commission, domination, authority, hold, management, prowess, sovereignty, grip, reign, law, coordination.
gauge (noun)
gauge, rod, micrometer, tape measure, vernier, scale, protractor, compass, level, dial, yardstick, ruler, calipers, square, log, straightedge, sextant, T square, line, transit.
government (noun)
influence (noun)
influence, motivation, pressure, rank, importance, predominance, pull, bias, seniority.
instruction (noun)
catchword, edict, precept, bidding, doctrine, byword, saying, teaching, policy, motto, principle, directive, dictum, code, credo, proverb, saw, instruction, moral, ordinance, adage, axiom.
leadership of organization (noun)
domination, influence, sovereignty, jurisdiction, authority, power, government, control, regime, sway, reign, supremacy, dominion.
line (noun)
method, way (noun)
course, habit, policy, custom.
ordinarily (noun)
customarily, habitually, regularly, generally.
rule (noun)
dominion, govern, prescript, normal, formula, linguistic rule, ruler, principle, pattern, convention, harness, dominate, find, prevail, decree, predominate, reign, regulation, rein.
standard, principle of behavior (noun)
decree, command, moral, direction, edict, axiom, canon, order, etiquette, formula, ordinance, prescription, regulation, dictum, law, precept.
supremacy (noun)


command (verb)
communication (verb)
control (verb)
control, dominate, order, harness, discipline, govern, supervise, pilot, lead, administer, execute, command, direct, oversee, bridle, manage, steer, preside, superintend.
direct (verb)
boss, lord, master, conduct.
dominate (verb)
triumph, vanquish, succeed, surmount, overcome, conquer, better, subordinate, predominate, oppress, win, prevail.
govern, manage (verb)
conduct, dictate, direct, preside, dominate, lead, predominate, hold sway, administer, prevail, bridle.
judge (verb)
arbitrate, consider, adjudicate, mediate, determine, resolve, sentence, judge, decide, appraise, assess, find, referee, pronounce.
judge, decide (verb)
find, hold, pronounce, adjudicate, determine, resolve.
master (verb)
social (verb)

Other synonyms:

conscience, administration (of an estate), reformulate, rubric, parse, grammarian, hypercorrection, generative grammar, etiquette, governance. grammar, prescriptive, dominance, prescription, habit, grammatical, norm, regime. concordance. dictate, usual. institute, ordinary. judge
calipers, mark out.
Other relevant words:
canon, normal, jurisdiction, norm, dominion, dictate, regulation, pattern, convention, decree.

Usage examples for rule

  1. He is honest through and through, and as a rule he is gentle and a good companion. – What Shall We Do Now?: Five Hundred Games and Pastimes by Dorothy Canfield Fisher
  2. 7. What says Rule 6th of Same Cases? – The Grammar of English Grammars by Goold Brown
  3. Alas our rule halteth, it is benome. – The Principal Navigations, Voyages, Traffiques and Discoveries of the English Nation, v. 1, Northern Europe by Richard Hakluyt