Synonyms for System:


computer program, compiler, add-on, browser, applet, client, architecture, assembler, bootstrap program, bot. usage, assortment, assembly, batch, bank, agglomeration, battery, operation, bale, bevy, custom, practice, policy, artifice, mode, modus operandi, arsenal, assemblage. basis, means. convention, law, ethics, Standards, code, the proprieties, conscience, etiquette, morals. calculation (noun)
scheme, measurement, account, presumption, rank, calculus, approximation, gauge, triangulation, valuation, conclusion, judgement, method, total, algorithm, plan, inference, appraisal, deduction, assessment, calculation, mathematics, multiplication, value, quantification, statistics, program, score, thought, tally, supposition, evaluation, reckoning, arithmetic, enumeration, sum, determination, plot, consideration, estimation, computation, count, algebra, division, guess, study, schedule.
course of action (noun)
group (noun)
method (noun)
tactic, mechanism, manner, way, approach, course, trajectory, discipline, technique, schema, procedure, process.
method, plan (noun)
process, artifice, way, procedure, mode, practice, modus operandi, custom, manner, usage, operation, policy, technique.
order (noun)
efficiency, symmetry, consistency, order, steadiness, normalcy, normality, harmony, arrangement, balance, regularity, stability, uniformity, organization.
order, whole (noun)
conformity, regularity, orderliness, sum, arrangement, scheme, rule, organization.
system (noun)
organization, organisation, arrangement, system of rules.


order (verb)
orderliness, rule, conformity.

Other synonyms:

means, orderliness, code. modus operandi, practice. convention. basis. operation. course

Usage examples for system

  1. But there is nothing that could be properly called " cause" and nothing that could be properly called " effect" in such a system – Mysticism and Logic and Other Essays by Bertrand Russell
  2. This system will not do. – The Book of Household Management by Mrs. Isabella Beeton
  3. Nothing like system Bohannan- that, and knowing how to choose your men! – The Flying Legion by George Allan England