Synonyms for Fixed:


all (adjective)
rigid, set, frozen.
changed (adjective)
controlled (adjective)
corrected (adjective)
deliberate (adjective)
entrenched (adjective)
fixed (adjective)
certain, unchangeable, established, enduring, rigid, unmovable, rooted, definite, planned, located, immobile, limited, quiet, determinate, fast, tight, steady, set, steadfast, sorted, arranged, Mended, settled, abiding, still, firm, solid.
limited (adjective)
motionless (adjective)
calm, languid, tranquil, inactive, dormant, sleeping, stagnant, dead, vegetative, standing, motionless, stationary, idle, quiet, static, immobile, still, inert, Resting, becalmed, unmoving.
permanent (adjective)
abiding, permanent, standing, immutable, perpetual, lasting, constant, persistent, enduring, unchangeable, everlasting.
restored (adjective)
healed, rehabilitated, renovated, cured, reconditioned, Rejuvenated, Overhauled, reconstituted, restored, improved, Mended, darned.
stopped (adjective)


unchanging, for good, whatever happens, unvarying, irreversible. beatific, curious, black, steadfast, bug-eyed, darkly, dark, move, bleak, appealing, brooding, unmovable, absent. conceptual, deterministic, limited, abstract, definite, popular, orthodox, theoretical, metaphysical, utopian, nonconformist, central. taut, bent, tight, tense, decide. firm (noun)
fixed (noun)
fast, unadjustable, frozen, flat, reconditioned, unchangeable, regressive, fastened, leaded, intent, given, immobile, nonmoving, firm, geostationary, taped, stationary, repaired, specified, set, determinate, unmoving, restored, concentrated, steady, geosynchronous, rigid.
prearranged (noun)
unplanned, packed, surprising, unexpected.


corrected (verb)
rectified, corrected, adjusted, revised, Remedied, altered, repaired, improved, patched, amended.
fix (verb)
set up, put.
headed (verb)
Aimed, bore, vectored, Steered, headed.
installed (verb)
connected, rooted, Grafted, positioned, put, located, implanted, Ensconced, Installed, planted, Instated, Inserted, embedded, initiated.
ordered (verb)
formed, stratified, organized, Rated, stabilized, prepared, programmed, grouped, framed, scheduled, orchestrated, controlled, established, supported, arrayed, cast, regulated, designed, arranged, balanced, ranked, planned, settled, Scored, shaped, separated, systematized, schematized, Methodized, classified, harmonized, set, pigeonholed, integrated, rationalized, unsnarled, placed, typed, Devised, mediated, Righted, plotted, Charted, Sifted, categorized, Classed, Marshalled, structured, Collated, ordered, sorted, composed, Subordinated, maintained, graded, Schemed, unified, Screened, normalized.
rested (verb)
Paused, Vegetated, Stagnated, Slept, settled down, Quieted, Tranquilized, marked time, Stayed, rested, Stilled, Stood, Calmed, Slumbered, Subsided, Waited.
restored (verb)
stabilized (verb)
secured, tied down, constrained.

Other synonyms:

solid, unmovable, definite. taut, bent. limited. tense. certain. firm
tight, firm.
Other relevant words:
determinate, packed, rigid, fastened, unchanging, fast, given, tight, solid, certain, specified, steadfast, definite, firm, steady, popular.

Usage examples for fixed

  1. " Hurry up, and find yours, the rest of you," said Tom suddenly, " I'm fixed and I'm ready to eat." – The Wide Awake Girls in Winsted by Katharine Ellis Barrett
  2. At two- thirty- service bein' fixed for ha'f- after- three- they all fell to work. – News from the Duchy by Sir Arthur Thomas Quiller-Couch
  3. All looks were fixed upon him, and not a word was spoken. – The Ruined Cities of Zululand by Hugh Mulleneux Walmsley