Synonyms for Disorder:


shambles, contagion, epidemic. tangle, disorderedness, squalor, confusedness, topsy-turviness, bomb site, snafu. affliction. agitation (noun)
disquiet, disarrangement, perturbation, turmoil, agitation, disturbance, palpitation, commotion, convulsion, jerkiness.
chaos, clutter (noun)
disorderliness, irregularity, disarray, muddle, disorganization, confusion, anarchy, mess, shambles, jumble, disarrangement, derangement.
disease (noun)
feverishness, handicap, infliction, collapse, breakdown, attack, condition, syndrome, curse, Sickliness, apoplexy, decrepitude, symptom, disability, sickness, bug, pestilence, disease, complaint, complication, unhealthiness, affection, ague, nausea, virus, malaise, infirmity, spasm, queasiness, illness, indisposition, malady, fever, debility, ailment, infection.
dislike (noun)
disorder (noun)
inconsistency, discomposure, derangement, fuzziness, inexactness, disarray, frenzy, distract, looseness, shapelessness, disorganization, perturb, muddlement, indefiniteness, trouble, disconnectedness, irregularity, formlessness, tumult, obscurity, insanity, incoherence, entropy, disquiet, disorderliness, laxity, indistinctness, confusion, anarchism, inchoateness, lawlessness, cark, disintegration, deformity, upset, messiness, amorphousness, chaos, anarchy, unhinge, unevenness.
illness (noun)
indisposition, disease, complaint, ailment, malady, sickness, upset, infirmity, affliction.
shambles (noun)
social commotion; mental confusion (noun)
trouble, riot, lawlessness, uproar, bustle, turbulence, strike, agitation, insurrection, entanglement, misrule, hubbub, chaos, discord, rebellion, turmoil, disturbance, tumult, revolution, complication, convulsion, flap, anarchism, mayhem.
state (noun)
ugliness (noun)


derange (verb)
rumple, botch, disturb, ferment, displace, whip, discompose, confuse, confound, muss, blur, agitate, roughen, meddle, dishevel, roil, derange, perturb, ruffle, toss, convulse, churn, upset, dislocate, misplace, scatter, hash, tumble, swirl, capsize, mix up, whisk, mess, tamper, muddle, ripple, scramble, clutter, rummage, mislay, disarrange, jumble, disorganize, trouble, tousle.
disorder (verb)
disarrange, disorganize, scatter, clutter, confuse.
mix up, disarrange (verb)
confuse, discompose, disturb, dishevel, rummage, tumble, confound, rumple, derange, clutter, dislocate, scatter, disorganize.
scatter (verb)
dissolve, distribute, disintegrate, diverge, disburse, separate, diffuse, dole, diffract, disperse, refract, radiate, evanesce, disconnect, detach, evaporate.

Other synonyms:

hubbub, misrule, topsy-turviness, disorderedness, contagion, bedlam, confusedness, pandemonium. revolution, bomb site, bustle. snafu, turbulence, epidemic, uproar. tangle. flap. anarchy
mix up.

Usage examples for disorder

  1. It was no wonder, then, in his state of bodily disorder that the sympathetic mind should take the alarm. – Ester Ried by Pansy (aka. Isabella M. Alden)
  2. We conjure you, sire, to put an end to this disorder which your ministers will soon be unable to restrain. – Eastern Tales by Many Story Tellers by Various