Synonyms for Division:


computational, severance, classification, distinguishing, binomial, splitting, analysis, contrasting, abacus, Disseverance, breaking, average, sharing, disjuncture, parceling, fracture, countdown, disunion, autopsy, fission, decimal place, cutting, selection, distribution, diagnosis, demarcation, reduction, deviation, distinction. departmental, lobe, caste, passage, race, sort, phrase, back office, divisional, unit, episode, verse, customer services, degree, acquisitions, book, scene, movement, act, moiety, front, kind, wedge, chapter, ramification, paragraph, clause, line, column, apartment, lump. command, contingent, corps, advance guard, dissension, schism, dispute, cavalry. boundary, misunderstanding, a war of words, confrontation, quarrel, fight, argument, barrier, controversy. diffusion, township, dominion, rationing, parish, constituency, bishopric, commune, prelacy, village, range, ward. contradiction, variety, a world of difference, contrast, Disseverment, divorcement, assemble, collision, diversity. cellular, culture medium, admeasurement, chloroplast, cytology, culture, cell membrane, cell wall, collect. footballer, Australian Rules football, football, FIFA, leg, flag football, the FA Cup, football player, Gaelic football, offshoot. arm, organ, agency. affiliate, subsidiary. divergency. alienation (noun)
disjunction, difference, inapplicability, breach, extraneousness, separation, remoteness, dissociation, foreignness, segregation, alienation, other, irrelevance.
allotment (noun)
chunk, quantum, share, allocation, budget, stake, stipend, lot, parcel, percentage, apportionment, segment, allowance, ration, portion, allotment, measure, quota, commission, assignment, piece, proportion, dispensation.
area (noun)
locality, township.
bisection (noun)
dichotomy, fork, halfway, branch, hemisphere, half-and-half, bifurcation.
breach, estrangement (noun)
dissension, variance, dispute.
categorization (noun)
cognition (noun)
part, section.
department (noun)
difference (noun)
disjunction (noun)
disassembly, disassociation, break, fissure, rent, disconnection, cut, dissection, split, disunity, slice, partition, part, disintegration, cleavage, divorce, bisection, disengagement, incision, Disarticulation, amputation.
dislocation (noun)
division (noun)
partition, sectionalization, variance, partitioning, segmentation, sectionalisation, class, part, section.
fission (noun)
gap (noun)
line (noun)
mathematics (noun)
algebra, calculus.
measure (noun)
opening (noun)
portion (noun)
fraction, stock, half, sector, helping, dividend, bit, compartment, interest, subdivision, member, zone.
quarter (noun)
ramification (noun)
region (noun)
county, region, province, beat, duchy, area, locality, earldom, state, city, district, commonweal, country, riding, town, tract, kingdom, bailiwick, municipality, shire, dukedom, domain, territory, neighborhood, empire, canton, realm, place, field, circuit, quarter, nation, borough, precinct.
school of thought (noun)
separation (noun)
rift, isolation, estrangement, disunion.
separation, disconnection (noun)
apportionment, contrasting, disjuncture, Disseverance, distribution, breaking, detachment, partition, reduction, distinguishing, diagnosis, bisection, demarcation, divorce, selection, segmentation, subdivision, severance, disunion, parceling, analysis, autopsy.
something produced from separating (noun)
degree, slice, chunk, ramification, offshoot, section, fraction, parcel, portion, class, segment, member, moiety, cut, lobe, affiliate, sort, compartment, lump, sector, piece, split, share, boundary, dividend, branch, wedge, kind.
unit of measurement (noun)

Other synonyms:

divisional, FIFA, flag football, analysis, distribution, Gaelic football, the FA Cup, footballer, rationing, ward, departmental, customer services, degree, back office, Disseverment, classification, ramification, admeasurement, divorcement, disjuncture, Disseverance, acquisitions, football player. book, football. affiliate. offshoot, divergency, command, agency. arm, organ. leg. arow
chapter, moiety.
section, severance.
Other relevant words:
class, disunion, organ, offshoot, reduction, moiety, arm, demarcation, partitioning, distinction, splitting, severance, sharing, section, schism.

Usage examples for division

  1. " That's just what we want to ken," said John Monilaws, pushing Cubby a little to the side, and moving slowly into the other division followed by the elder and Carey. – Wilson's Tales of the Borders and of Scotland, Vol. XX by Alexander Leighton
  2. Some cities were Protestant, some were Catholic; division and war, and blood were every where. – Henry IV, Makers of History by John S. C. Abbott
  3. The events of last night will, of course, make it impossible for you to again appear in the Division as a candidate. – The Man Who Rose Again by Joseph Hocking