Synonyms for Factor:


absolute, calibration, measure, gradation, graduation, geocentric, metric, circumstance, metrication, imperial. assess, count, compute, determine, administrator, calculate, project, prove, add up, reckon, steward, estimate. building block, peculiarity, nature, Integrant, aspect, quality, facet, property. Arabic Numeral, detail, computation, fact, particular, base, constant, common multiple, arithmetic progression, common factor, real. agent (noun)
appointee, ombudsman, operative, impresario, deputy, liaison, lieutenant, vehicle, mediator, instrument, go-between, middleman, attorney, intermediary, auxiliary, delegate, emissary, proxy, agent, surrogate, agency, actor, representative, second, executor, broker, substitute, alternate.
cause (noun)
motive, drive, inspiration, motivator, basis, execution, action, grounds, source, generation, provocation, mainspring, elicitation, enforcement, evocation, force, compulsion, cause, effectuation, determinant, origination, stimulus, root, compunction.
component (noun)
component, segment, part, feature, portion, matter, ingredient, medium, element, material, article, member, piece, percentage, filament, fragment, constituent, section, item.
determinant (noun)
aspect, circumstance, agent, instrument, item, ingredient, part, portion, constituent, component, agency, element, cause.
element (noun)
factor (noun)
agent, broker, factor out, divisor, element, constituent, gene, component, ingredient, factor in.
instrument (noun)
mathematics (noun)
cube, reciprocal, calculus, power, integral, square root, quotient, geometry, index, dividend, multiplier, differential calculus, multiplicand, cube root, logarithm, quadratics, minuend, modulus, algorithm, exponent, denominator, multiple, Multiplicator, trigonometry, antilogarithm, divisor, radix, subtrahend, arithmetic, algebra, coefficient, formula, increment, numerator, fraction.


cognition (verb)
factor out, factor in.
simplify (verb)
purify, simplify, elucidate, refine, strip, reduce, clarify.

Other synonyms:

calibration, geocentric, Integrant, measure, property, graduation, nature, gradation, metric, metrication, facet, building block, aspect, peculiarity, circumstance. fact, quality, imperial. absolute. detail.

Usage examples for factor

  1. He did not arise to greet these men he was sending out into the Silent Places, for he was the Factor and not to many is it given to rule a country so rich and extended. – The Silent Places by Steward Edward White
  2. As a factor in the coming contest, a feeling in the minds of the men who were to do the fighting that a lucky day had been pitched upon for the battle, was not to be despised. – Cruise and Captures of the Alabama by Albert M. Goodrich
  3. In London another temporary, but important, factor must be noted. – Problems of Poverty by John A. Hobson