Synonyms for Impediment:


predicament, inconvenience, stuttering, stammering, problem, halting, embarrassment. traverse, hamper, open. disappointment (noun)
hindrance (noun)
delay, bafflement, drag, entanglement, setback, clog, congestion, hurdle, disadvantage, restriction, constipation, blockade, catch, encumbrance, stop, barrier, snarl, constraint, mire, impedance, handicap, impasse, deterrent, brake, entrapment, crimp, obstacle, bung, damper, drawback, jam, blockage, bottleneck, tangle, complication, restraint, snag, stoppage, dam, block, burden, plug, choke, frustration, interruption, stay.
impediment (noun)
check, balk, handicap, hindrance, obstructor, obstructer, impedimenta, deterrent, obstruction, baulk.
loss (noun)
muscle spasm (noun)
obstruction, hindrance (noun)
clog, handicap, snag, flaw, prohibition, wall, drag, stricture, check, barricade, stoppage, fault, manacle, deterrent, retardation, drawback, holdup, rub, burden, encumbrance, bottleneck, blockage, barrier, trammel, tie, restriction, block, delay, cramp, hurdle, obstacle, disadvantage, inhibition, detriment, setback, shackle, restraint, stumbling block, load, catch, red tape, chain.
opposition (noun)
counteraction, repulsion, obstinacy, interference, repression, dispute, counterattack, resistance, disagreement, inhibition, adversary, conflict, contradiction, friction, defiance, objection, obstruction, rebuff, protest, challenge, confrontation, opposition, suppression, fight, antagonism, hindrance.
resistance (noun)
restraint (noun)
collar, detention, constriction, shackle, stricture, bondage, tether, leash, confinement, bridle, Detainment, control.
stammer (noun)
stutter, lisp, stammer.

Other synonyms:

retardation. cramp, wall, rub, joker, barricade. traverse. delay
red tape.

Usage examples for impediment

  1. It was his object to establish the partnership, and he did not even yet see any fatal impediment to it. – The Landleaguers by Anthony Trollope
  2. Captain Hemming and Murray followed, their horses scrambling rather than leaping over the impediment – The Three Lieutenants by W.H.G. Kingston
  3. It was at such a moment as this that he should have been left to do his work without injudicious impediment from his rider. – Orley Farm by Anthony Trollope