Synonyms for Bring:


come by, accompany, escort, deliver, get together, derive, pick up. gross, sell for, haul off, return, shepherd, pay, yield, walk, net, command, afford. come out, appeal, prefer, summon, arraign, come to, run to, declare, amount to, serve, cite, add up to. allow, effect, bring before, call, appear, affirm. offer, resource, accompanied, come up with, provide, cater to, equip, arrange. haul, shoulder, talk into, persuasion, schlep, hump, be burdened with something, sell, persuade, convince, bring around, argue into, prevail on. inaugurate, stir, invent, occasion, bring about, touch off, result in, Ingenerate, trigger, lead to, effectuate, bring on, secure, start-off, set off. digress, beat around the bush, stray, drag in, wander, get off, get away from. give rise to. bring about (noun)
effect, occasion.
bring in (noun)
gross, return, yield, net, inaugurate, fetch.
bring on (noun)
lead to, give rise to, induce, occasion.
bring round (noun)
convince, persuade.


bring (verb)
carry, adduce, draw, impart, attract, conduct, transport, convey, transfer, fetch, bear, induce.
cause; influence (verb)
occasion, wreak, convince, result in, persuade, prevail on, induce, effect.
command a price (verb)
gross, return, afford, sell for, net, yield, draw, bring in.
file charges in court (verb)
declare, prefer, appeal, summon, institute, serve, cite, arraign.

Other synonyms:

come to, Ingenerate, accompany, run to, haul off, derive, add up to, get together, digress, shepherd, effectuate, arraign, come by, escort, net, trigger, walk, secure. drag in, bring before, get away from, summon, schlep, appeal. appear, persuade, pick up, convince, come out, allow. cite, sell, stir, hump, get off, affirm. wander, haul, shoulder. call. stray. deliver. return. bring in
touch off.

Usage examples for bring

  1. " I was told to bring you back with me. – The Thunder Bird by B. M. Bower
  2. Pray bring it all here. – Cyrano de Bergerac by Edmond Rostand
  3. And if they do, a shot'll bring help. – The Plow-Woman by Eleanor Gates