Synonyms for Tidy:


clean (adjective)
orderly, immaculate, sterile, unsoiled, spotless, sanitary, refined, spick-and-span, fastidious, uncontaminated, pure, hygienic, Taintless, stainless, unstained, well-kept, neat, unsullied, clean.
clean, neat (adjective)
well-groomed, uncluttered, snug, ordered, trim, spick-and-span, well-kept, orderly, shipshape.
considerable (adjective)
goodly, large, respectable, sizable, fair.
goodly (adjective)
orderly (adjective)
straight, ordered, uncluttered.


adaptive, born, Clingy, classy, badass, addictive, babyish, flawed, constitutionally, flexible. snug, fortune, windfall, megabucks, wealth, mint, pile, well-groomed, big bucks, tight, taut, Payout, big money. brush, pick up after, common, decent, fair, moderate, straighten up, satisfactory, acceptable, fairish, passable, pick up, clean out, adequate, sufficient, O.K., clear out, average, tolerable, all-right. clean-shaven, smart, large, big, great, large-scale, extensive. tidy (noun)
just so, clean-cut, clean up, hefty, orderly, ordered, well-kept, organized, ruly, goodish, Manicured, straighten, trim, considerable, straighten out, square away, neaten, sizeable, uncluttered, sizable, tidy up, respectable, slicked up, unlittered, neat, trig, straight, kempt, goodly, shipshape.


clean (verb)
launder, Disinfect, order, sweep, sanitize, clear, neaten, cleanse, scrub, sterilize, wipe, purge, purify, filter, wash.
make neat and orderly (verb)
neaten, order, straighten, straighten up, clean.

Other synonyms:

fairish, large-scale, straighten up, pick up after, clean-shaven. great, extensive, well-groomed. taut, clean out, tolerable, satisfactory, acceptable, large, adequate, sufficient, passable, clear out, all-right, average. big. snug. brush, decent. common. moderate, smart. fair. tight. clear up
straighten out.
organized, ordered, Manicured.

Usage examples for tidy

  1. But we can pick up the pieces and make it look as tidy as possible. – Bobby of Cloverfield Farm by Helen Fuller Orton
  2. How a man can be so absolutely tidy in his mind! – The Project Gutenberg Plays of John Galsworthy, Complete by John Galsworthy