Synonyms for Dirty:


all (adjective)
unclean, soiled.
bedraggled (adjective)
muddied, slovenly.
blemished (adjective)
blue (adjective)
shady, indecent.
despicable (adjective)
dishonest (adjective)
shady, shabby, cheating.
impure (adjective)
obscene, immoral, imperfect, slovenly, sordid, unclean, blemished, impure, defective.
obscene (adjective)
vulgar, indecent, obscene, naughty, filthy, scatologic, gross, pornographic.
obscene, pornographic (adjective)
ribald, indecent, off-color, contemptible, scatological, sordid, mean, lewd, unclean, blue, uncleanly, immoral, impure, salacious, coarse, vulgar.
rough (adjective)
roily, roiled.
slovenly (adjective)
sloppy, messy, neglectful, squalid, unkempt, slovenly, careless, shabby, disheveled.
soiled, unclean (adjective)
slimy, raunchy, unwashed, begrimed, slovenly, sloppy, untidy, contaminated, fouled, nasty, grungy, squalid, lousy, unsightly, unswept, murky, bedraggled, sooty, unhygienic, grimy, smutty, smudged, greasy, icky, filthy, disheveled, polluted, slatternly, unkempt, defiled, black, crummy, messy, spattered, unsanitary, mucky, dusty, spotted, grubby, scummy, straggly.
unclean (adjective)
smutty, offensive, slovenly, infectious, toxic, fetid, unsanitary, odious, septic, dusty, disgusting, mucky, unhygienic, scruffy, insalubrious, defiled, murky, sordid, squalid, unclean, grubby, filthy, obscene, untidy, impure, muddy, dingy, scatological, grimy, crummy, foul, grungy, unhygenic, sloppy, icky, shabby, putrid, festering.
vulgar (adjective)
broad, blue.


illicit, shady, clandestine, improper, fraudulent, unauthorized, uncleanly, unlawful, unconstitutional, wrongful. thorough, utterly, excruciating, hopelessly, heavy, calm, rugged, tumultuous, utter, ugly, tempestuous, downright, roiled, unspeakable, violent, such as it is, rough, wild, raging, turbulent, sadly, roily. mess up. dirty (noun)
nasty, bemire, dirty-minded, marked-up, black, dust-covered, grime, filthy, mucky, blue, foul, snot-nosed, lewd, feculent, lousy, draggled, foul-spoken, smudged, unsporting, smirched, grungy, soil, hostile, colly, greasy, scummy, profane, ill-gotten, buggy, oily, travel-soiled, infected, scatological, begrimed, scabrous, snotty, grubby, travel-stained, muddied, unswept, foul-mouthed, septic, cheating, flyblown, muddy, salacious, unsportsmanlike, bawdy, begrime, raunchy, smutty, ribald, soiled, awful, unfair, fecal, stormy, spattered, smudgy, smeared, unjust, faecal, blasphemous, unclean, illegal, dusty, sordid, unwashed, obscene, grimy, dingy, bespattered, besplashed, illegible, corrupt, squalid, off-color, maculate, befouled, bedraggled, fouled, contaminated, splashed, contaminating.
nasty (noun)
ruthless, contemptible, disagreeable, mean.


cause to be soiled (verb)
smirch, grime, smear, corrupt, stain, sully, pollute, muddy, taint, begrime, mess up, defile, foul, smudge, contaminate, tarnish.
contaminated (verb)
dirty (verb)
smudge, foul, contaminate, defile, pollute, befoul, tarnish, streak, scrubby, smirch, putrefy, smear, sooty, soil, stain, muddy, besmirch, sully, taint.

Other synonyms:

ripe, uncleanly, abusive, scatologic, vitriolic, Fescennine. raging, turbulent, tempestuous, roiled, barnyard. mess up. rugged, coarse. violent, rough. wild. heavy. contaminate
begrimed, begrime.
Other relevant words:
nasty, filthy, coarse, smudgy, contemptible, begrime, scrubby, bawdy, ribald, grime, salacious, heavy, scummy, blue, lewd, sooty, mean, smoky.

Usage examples for dirty

  1. " My dirty work too," said the colonel. – Jack O' Judgment by Edgar Wallace
  2. You thought it dirty – The Real Latin Quarter by F. Berkeley Smith
  3. Yes, sir; and a precious dirty letter it was, too. – The Mystery of a Hansom Cab by Fergus Hume