Synonyms for Clean:


all (adjective)
clear, fresh.
antiseptic (adjective)
chaste, virtuous (adjective)
good, guiltless, sinless, honorable, respectable, moral, innocent, undefiled, modest, decent, blameless.
clean (adjective)
hygienic, polished, refined, unstained, sterile, pure, immaculate, sanitary, unsoiled, orderly, unsullied, fastidious, Taintless, spick-and-span, tidy, gleaming, spotless, uncontaminated, stainless, neat.
complete, thorough (adjective)
entire, total, absolute, perfect.
innocent (adjective)
uncorrupted, unblamable, angelical, untainted.
modernized (adjective)
not dirty; uncluttered (adjective)
fresh, unblemished, spotless, pure, trim, faultless, Taintless, speckless, sanitary, untarnished, white, neat, tidy, hygienic, unsullied, blank, unsoiled, unspotted, orderly, clear, immaculate, unstained, simple, stainless, bright, graceful, cleansed, washed.
not guilty (adjective)
orderly (adjective)
precise, sharp (adjective)
definite, legible, uncluttered, distinct, plain, correct.
pure (adjective)
unadulterated, atomic, unalloyed, honorable, primal, untarnished, prime, austere, bare, fundamental, sinless, indivisible, purebred, angelic, undiluted, innocent, aboriginal, chaste, untainted, basal, unsullied, nascent, monolithic, simple, irreducible, essential, uncluttered, guiltless, white, unblemished, foundational, unadorned, undefiled, clear, pure, spotless, blameless, decent, faultless, virtuous, primary, formative, stark, basic, Simon-pure, plain, elemental, elementary, stainless, immaculate.
simple (adjective)
sportsmanlike (adjective)
sterile (adjective)
antiseptic, uncontaminated, uninfected, wholesome, unadulterated.
virtuous (adjective)
heroic, respectable, pure, angelical, ethical, Taintless, moral, estimable, unspotted, worthy, noble, virtuous, valorous, decent, faultless, honorable, uncorrupted, righteous, unsullied, guiltless, high-minded, upstanding, good, creditable, blameless.


all (adverb)
plum, plumb.


literally, wholesome, especially, particular. definite, unbiased, natural, accepted, distinct, sharp, fair-minded, independent. dependence, crack den, inoffensive, decorous, crackhouse, cold turkey, comedown, addiction, abuse, bust. concentric, aerodynamic, chunky, angular, bent, bulbous, closed, asymmetrical, concave. chatty, circuitous, economical, conversational, discursive, diffuse, crisp, regular, declamatory, beautiful, articulate. beat, butchery, bone, butter, bake, chill, butcher, blend, skillful, deft, carve, ability, blanch. clean up, right, carbon trading, virginal, carbon sink, carbon-neutral, biohazard, the carbon cycle, biological control, catalytic converter, biodegradable. manila, scratch-and-sniff, squared, modest, ruled, sticky, lined. cold, sportsmanly, colored, chintzy, color-coded, brash, bright, bleached, ablaze, bold. pick up after, clean out, straighten up, clear out, irreproachable, sort out, pick up, harmless, unblamable. dapper, well-groomed, clean-shaven, groomed. act (noun)
clean and jerk.
confess (noun)
own up, tell the truth, admit.
fair (noun)
lawful, reliable.
neat (noun)
sinless (noun)
thorough (noun)
entire, total, absolute.
well-proportioned (noun)
graceful, spare, streamlined, trim, shapely.


change (verb)
clean (verb)
neaten, wash, wipe, sweep, filter, scrub, order, sterilize, launder, purge, Disinfect, sanitize, purify, cleanse.
contact (verb)
make clean, strip.

Other synonyms:

chintzy, wholesome, bright, deft. skillful. modest, regular. pick up. Other relevant words:
dead, trim, regular, cleanly, fair, right, plumb, quite.

Usage examples for clean

  1. Never mind, we'll soon clean it up. – The Voyages of Doctor Dolittle by Hugh Lofting
  2. It was not clean work. – Tropic Days by E. J. Banfield
  3. But he only shook hands, after all- though it was not at all a clean hand that he gave. – The Hole in the Wall by Arthur Morrison