Synonyms for Neat:


all (adjective)
clean, orderly.
arranged well, uncluttered (adjective)
natty, spruce, fastidious, spick-and-span, nice, shipshape, smart, spotless, immaculate, precise, finical, trim, exact, dapper, dainty, regular, tidy, orderly, elegant, methodical, prim, well-kept, correct, chic, well-groomed, systematic.
clean (adjective)
sanitary, uncontaminated, well-groomed, spick-and-span, hygienic, fastidious, refined, orderly, sterile, clean, well-kept, Taintless, spotless, pure, tidy, stainless, immaculate, unsoiled, unsullied, unstained.
clever, practiced (adjective)
deft, handy, skillful, dexterous, adroit, adept, speedy, apt, finished, able, stylish, ready, effortless, artful, graceful, expert, agile, nimble, quick, proficient.
cool (adjective)
elegant (adjective)
decorous, classical, well-bred, stylish, suave, refined, sophisticated, fine, cultivated, charming, tasteful, exquisite, graceful, tactful, cultured, elegant, dignified, civil.
excellent (adjective)
cool, super.
full-strength (adjective)
unblended, unmixed.
orderly (adjective)
ordered, straight.
pure (adjective)
unadulterated, unmixed.
straight (adjective)
full-strength, undiluted.


order, careful, provident, taut, cautious, thorough, tight, painstaking, snug. exceptional, wonder, incredible, ability. unmixed, little, unblended, strong, plain, tiny, slight, diminutive, minuscule, midget, minute, microscopic, discreet, small. splendid, dreamy, cool, hot, fabulous, super, fantastic, marvelous, terrific, wonderful, ripping, fantastical, tremendous, divine, superb, glorious, sensational. neat (noun)
full-strength, dandy, groovy, refined, clean, bully, corking, elegant, peachy, adroit, keen, tidy, great, slap-up, cracking, smashing, undiluted, tasteful, straight, swell, not bad, bang up, good, nifty.
nice (noun)
excellent, pleasing.
tidy (noun)
ordered, Manicured, well-kept, just so.

Other synonyms:

trig, unmixed. taut, tremendous, marvelous. fabulous, deft, dreamy, wonderful, sensational. skillful, snug, glorious. hot, terrific, splendid, divine. fantastical. plain. fantastic. tight. bang-up
bang up.
first class
ordered, Manicured, well-kept, order.

Usage examples for neat

  1. Mr. A answered for the absent lady by a neat little apology, expressed in these words: " She has got a bad cold. – The Two Destinies by Wilkie Collins
  2. About a quarter of an hour later, a sort of bundle rolled rather than walked into the Collinses' neat little cottage. – The Children of Wilton Chase by Mrs. L. T. Meade