Synonyms for Organized:


arranged, systematized (adjective)
formed, Methodized, standardized, coordinated, correlated, classified, grouped, formulated.
confederate (adjective)
controlled (adjective)
structured, regulated.
ordered (adjective)
ranked, in order.
orderly (adjective)
systematic, ordered.
ranked (adjective)
reduced (adjective)


painstaking, exact, meticulous, provident, careful, cautious, thorough. calculated, consciously, conscious, on purpose, deliberately, intended, deliberate, calculated to do something, knowingly, by design. established (noun)
fixed up, in turn, disposed, assigned, put in order, systematic, Marshaled, synthesized, constituted, Constructed, standardized, related, Ranged, coordinated, regimented, oriented, put away, in good form, in order, interrelated, correlated, founded, in sequence, distributed, in place, in succession, made, formulated, projected, associated, in series, directed, made ready, fashioned.
organized (noun)
re-formed, methodical, orderly, designed, organised, formed, unionised, reorganized, reorganised, regulated, configured, unionized, well-conducted, arranged, incorporated, corporate, ordered, union.
tidy (noun)
Manicured, uncluttered, well-kept, tidy, shipshape, just so.


ordered (verb)
composed, separated, Charted, set, supported, controlled, unified, formed, Schemed, plotted, Marshalled, maintained, graded, settled, integrated, designed, cast, Classed, placed, Scored, Devised, systematized, ordered, typed, Collated, schematized, orchestrated, arrayed, unsnarled, planned, programmed, ranked, adjusted, Screened, shaped, sorted, stratified, Methodized, Sifted, scheduled, pigeonholed, classified, Subordinated, grouped, mediated, stabilized, framed, prepared, rationalized, harmonized, established, arranged, categorized, regulated, fixed, balanced, normalized, structured, Righted, Rated.

Other synonyms:

provident, directed, meticulous, cautious, careful. thorough. exact. tidy
tidy, Manicured, uncluttered, well-kept.
Other relevant words:
organised, reorganised, systematic, Constructed, union, regimented, founded, methodical, standardized, projected, configured, disposed, Manicured, shipshape, painstaking, meticulous, reorganized, constituted, in order, coordinated, thorough, unionised, deliberate, Marshaled, uncluttered, Ranged, re-formed, careful, cautious, formulated, unionized, incorporated, corporate, calculated, well-conducted, orderly, tidy, directed.

Usage examples for organized

  1. To be sure the two girls were " organized – Comrade Yetta by Albert Edwards
  2. They're organized and they're in earnest, and I'm with them to the last ditch. – The Prairie Mother by Arthur Stringer