Synonyms for Disrupt:


shut off, obstruct, hold back, intrude, cut into, stamp out, suppress, meddle, kill off, interfere with, squeeze out. confuse, agitate, upset, disorder. disrupt (noun)


break, interrupt (verb)
obstruct, intrude, interfere with, upset.
change (verb)
upset, disorganize (verb)
disorder, unsettle, disarray, mix up, muddle, agitate, confuse, mess up.

Other synonyms:

disorganize, disarrange. unsettle. muddle, jumble, derange. tumble. upset. confuse
mix up.
Other relevant words:
intrude, suppress, agitate, disarray, disorganize, confuse, obstruct, interfere with, upset, meddle, disarrange, disorder, derange, muddle, jumble, unsettle, tumble.

Usage examples for disrupt

  1. Previous to the assault, the British guns had knocked it about a good deal, bombs and grenades had helped further to disrupt it in the attacks and counter- attacks during the day, and finally, after it was captured and held, the enemy had shelled and high- explosived it out of any likeness to a real trench. – Between the Lines by Boyd Cable